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Bankruptcy by ZipCode

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50-State Bankruptcy Exemption Laws

The state bankruptcy exemptions (also known as asset protection laws) show you what assets your state lets you keep if you file for bankruptcy.


Featuring inflation adjustments for Federal exemptions, and April 2014 Michigan exemption adjustments.

Free Means Test Calculator

Our free bankruptcy means test calculator applies the local income and expense deduction standards for your state, county and metropolitan area to help you determine whether you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

New Means Test Income & Expense Standards nationwide effective May 1, 2014.

Free Bankruptcy Forms

Check out the free downloadable bankruptcy forms, where you can get the forms that you (or your lawyer) will need if you decide to file.


How to File Bankruptcy

Learn how to file bankruptcy with an overview of what is involved in filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Court Information

The local bankruptcy court info page provides maps and information about your local federal district bankruptcy court and how to find the court's local rules.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Your Zip Code

Need help? The local bankruptcy services page uses your zip code to connect you with local credit counselors, lawyers and others who can help you if want advice or help with the filing process.

Bankruptcy Links

The topic of bankruptcy is larger than this website. When we find good stuff, we link to it. Links - News - Blogs


Obamacare by ZipCode

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How Much Does Obamacare Cost?

Learn about how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) affects you where you live. Find answers to all of your Obamacare qustions, in plain English.

How to Sign Up for Obamacare

Learn how to sign up for Obamacare where you live, and how to take advantage of special programs and subsidies you may qualify for.




This website was started in 2005 by Albin Renauer (coauthor of How to File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Nolo)), to make it easier for people who need a fresh start to file for bankruptcy, after Congress changed the laws to make it harder. has helped more than a million consumers navigate the bankruptcy process by providing a free online means test calculator, which helps people determine whether or not they’re eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In 2013, the site expanded to cover another topic critical to consumers: Obamacare. Legal author Shae Irving edited the Obamacare website, which has provided guidance to hundreds of thousands of people navigating the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act in their states.

In 2014, we added two more topics, also authored by Shae Irving: Student Loans, and Healthcare Law, focusing on state-specific forms and rules about Living Wills, Advance Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney for Healthcare.

We plan to cover more topics later this year. Come back often to see what we're up to. If you find this site useful, tell your friends.

Best of luck to you as you take charge of your financial and health care matters.
Albin Renauer, RelationalVision, LLC

About Albin Renauer

Albin Renauer is a coauthor of Nolo's bestselling book, How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, now in its 18th edition (2013). He created as an online companion to the book, to provide county-by-county local information to help people file for bankruptcy, and to provide an online free means test calculator.

Albin attended the University of Michigan Law School, was an editor of the Law Review, and received his J.D. in 1985. He worked for various public-interest law firms in the Bay Area and as a staff attorney for Chief Justice Rose Bird of the California Supreme Court. He spent 17 years as an editor and software developer at legal publisher Nolo, where he helped create numerous books and software programs, including the bestselling Quicken WillMaker. He also edited Law on the Net in 1997, one of the first directories of online legal resources, and was the architect of Nolo's Webby Award winning website in 1999. Albin started to explore new ways to use relational databases to give consumers quick access to jurisdictionally relevant, plain-English, legal information.

About Shae Irving

Shae Irving , author of the Obamacare, Healthcare Law and Student Loan websites, has been a legal editor and writer since 1994, when she joined Nolo, specializing in estate planning, health care, and family law issues. For almost a decade, she was the managing editor of Nolo’s bestselling Quicken WillMaker software. Her books include Living Wills and Powers of Attorney for California and Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair and Lasting Contract. Shae graduated from Berkeley Law and briefly practiced at a large San Francisco law firm before becoming an editor and author.


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