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Oklahoma Inheritance Law & Probate Procedure

Oklahoma Wage & Hour Law

  • Oklahoma Minimum Wage:  
    • Oklahoma sets its minimum wage to be the same as the federal minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour.

  • Overtime Pay: Every state has rules about weekly maximum hours and overtime. Learn about the overtime laws in Oklahoma and whether they apply to you.
  • Wage Claims: If you're being unlawfully underpaid, you need to learn how to file a "Wage Claim" in Oklahoma. 
  • Tips : Every state has special pay rates for tipped workers. Find out the rules for tipped workers in Oklahoma.
    • In Oklahoma, your employer may pay you a minimum wage of $2.13 an hour, as long as you earn enough in tips to bring your total hourly pay up to the full minimum wage, $7.25 an hour. If you don’t earn enough in tips to bring your compensation to the full minimum wage, your employer must make up the difference.

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