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About LegalConsumer (a.k.a Law by Zipcode)

Empowering Consumers since 2006!


Empowering Consumers Since 2006

At (a.k.a. "Law by Zip"), we believe knowledge is power. Empowered consumers need clear, up to date, local information about practical, everyday legal questions affecting your life.

We offer information for California and Sacramento County on:

  • Unemployment Benefits (including the latest COVID-19 updates from California.)
  • Wage & Hour  (Wages, tips, paid time off, overtime, minimum wage, family and medical leave,COVID-19  policies in California)
  • Bankruptcy (How to file, means test for Sacramento County, bankruptcy court, California’s exemptions, lawyers)
  • Obamacare  (ACA -Affordable Care Act, Rates)
  • Inheritance Law (Probate court in Sacramento County, small estates, inheritance tax, expedited probate, California’s intestacy laws)
  • Child Custody Law (Visitation, custody of children, family court directory for California and Sacramento County, child custody lawyers)
  • Democracy, (Voting Rights in California, & Local Government for Sacramento County and Sacramento)

Our writers have spent their careers making the law understandable.

Our information is written by lawyers and legal editors with many years of experience in explaining the law in plain English, as both authors and editors of books by Nolo.

If we ain't got it, we'll tell you who does

LegalConsumer has always been a portal to the best of the web on the subjects it covers. We do not attempt to be "everything you need" to complete your legal task, but we DO strive to point the best web resources that can help you get it done!

Whether it be a direct link to the local a court's forms, or a phone number of some agency that can help you, or a local lawyer who knows how to handle your kind of case we strive to point you to quality resources. Our mission here is to help you...Learn what do to. Get help if you need it. Get on with your life.... as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Who We Are

Our writers have spent their careers making the law understandable

Our writers and legal editors have years of experience explaining the law in plain English, as both authors and editors of books by Nolo, and writing for

Albin Renauer. author of our Bankruptcy and Democracy content is the co author of "How to File or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" and was a key designer of WillMaker.

Liza Hanks has written books on estate planning and inheritance for Nolo and is the author of LegalConsumer's Inheritance Law area.

Lisa Guerin and Deborah England are employment law experts who have authored and edited several books on employment law for Nolo. They are the authors of our Unemployment Law and Wage and Hour Law sections.

Shae Irving is a veteran editor and author of many Nolo products and is the author of our Obamacare and Child Custody area.