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Our Bankruptcy Means Test Calclulator launched in May of 2006 and is now in it's 28th edition. It has served over 3 million consumers and been updated regularly through the latest edition published in May of 2022. We also have an extensive listing of state and federal bankruptcy exemption laws and information about how to use your your local bankruptcy court.


In 2013, when the Republican legislature of state of Missouri passed a law prohibiting state employees from giving information about how to sign up for Obamacare, we added Obamacare By Zipcode, and a year later ranked #1 on google for "Missouri Obamacare" (and in Texas too!)


Unemployment Law & Benefits

In 2015 we added information about Unemployment and how to find your local unemployment office.

Wage & Hour Law / Minimum Wage

In 2015 we added information about Wage and Hour Law and your local Local Minimum Wage.

Inheritance Law & Probate

In 2015 we added information about Inheritance Law, and El Paso County Probate Court information.

Child Custody & Family Courts

In 2017 we launched our Child Custody and El Paso County Family Court pages.

Democracy & Voting

In 2017 we launched Democracy by Zipcode where users can find out about their elected representatives and how to participate in goverment and voting.

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This site was started back in 2006 by Albin Renauer, when he left to explore what could be done with hyper-local law delivered by relaitonal databases...

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