It's an excellent place to start, but you'll need to check it.

ChatGPT can give you excellent information, logically presented, and it can be right often.

Unless it isn't, and sometimes it gets things confident but wrong. 

So, ChatGPT, especially 4.0, is a GREAT tool for consumers to use when researching a DIY legal problem. But you can't rely on its answers without checking them.

So that means that...

It's all about the prompts...

It's all about the prompts and the follow-up research, but yes, ChatGPT is safe and VERY useful when used with the proper safeguards. 

What it's good for and what it isn't 

  • ChatGPT should NOT be viewed as a one-step solution to every problem.
  • ChatGPT SHOULD be viewed as a creative collaboration tool. Take the output it gives as a suggestion to get you thinking along the right lines and what to research next.

Read our article on how to check your ChatGPT answers.



Jurisdictional relevance: US

Legal Consumer - Kings County, NYLaw. The content of this article pertains to all US states and counties.