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Automatically apply the Alexandria City expense standards, and Virginia income standards to your means test calculation.

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Virginia Bankruptcy Exemptions - Detailed

Virginia Exemptions Summary:


Must file homestead declaration before filing for bankruptcy
$5,000 plus $500 per dependent; rents & profits; sale proceeds exempt to $5,000 (husband & wife may double, unused portion of homestead may be applied to any personal property); if 65 or older, exemption is $10,000; an additional $25,000 exempt if property is primary residence.

Vehicle Exemption

Motor vehicles to $6,000 total ($10,000 if needed for occupation or education)

Personal Property

Clothing to $1,000
Family portraits & heirlooms to $5,000 total
Household furnishings to $5,000
Firearms to $3,000
Wedding and engagement rings
Tools, books, and instruments of trade, including motor vehicles, to $10,000, needed in your occupation or education
For farmer, pair of horses, or mules with gear; one wagon or cart, one tractor to $3,000; 2 plows & wedges; one drag, harvest cradle, pitchfork, rake; fertilizer to $1,000

Wild Card

Unused portion of homestead or personal property exemption
$10,000 of any property for disabled veterans