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Automatically apply the Wayne County expense standards, and Michigan income standards to your means test calculation.

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Michigan Bankruptcy Exemptions - Detailed

Michigan Exemptions Summary:


Real property including condo to $40,475, $60,725 if elderly or disabled; property cannot exceed 1 lot in town, village, city, or 40 acres elsewhere; spouse or children of deceased owner may claim homestead exemption. Spouses or unmarried co-owners may not double.

Vehicle Exemption


Personal Property

Appliances, utensils, books, furniture, & household goods, to $625 each, to $4,050 total
Building & loan association shares to $1,175 par value, in lieu of homestead
Clothing; family pictures
1 computer & accessories to $700
Crops, farm animals, and feed for the farm animals to $2,700
Food & fuel to last family for 6 months
Church pew, slip, seat for entire family to $700
Household pets to $700
Professionally prescribed health aids
Tools, implements, materials, stock, apparatus, or other things needed to carry on occupation to $2,700 total

Wild Card