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Welcome! has provided free bankruptcy information to more than 10 million consumers since 2006, and the Free Means Test Calculator (November 1, 2022, Edition)  has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers figure out where they stand in relation to the bankruptcy means test, created by the 2005 BAPCPA bankruptcy act.

Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator for Yuba County

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California Bankruptcy Exemptions

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How to File Bankruptcy in California

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Note: This website is updated as time permits. It is up to you to contact your local court and confirm and update any information you need. Information is not advice. Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer for advice about how the law relates to your exact situation.


Yuba County Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator

Automatically apply the Yuba County expense standards, and California income standards to your means test calculation.

Yuba County Bankruptcy Court

Find where to file if you live in Yuba County.

California Bankruptcy Exemption Laws

Automatically apply the Yuba County expense standards, and California income standards to your means test calculation.


California Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Basics - (Basics)
How To File Bankruptcy - (How to File)
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    How To File for for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Marysville, CA:

    Steps for filing bankruptcy in California, from learning whether you qualify, to completing and filing bankruptcy forms, to discharging your debts and getting on with your life.
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    How Much Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy in California?

    Tips for keeping bankruptcy costs down, from court filing fees to mandatory counseling costs to getting legal help.
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    Where Do I File for Bankruptcy in Marysville, CA?

    Most people file for bankruptcy in the federal district court closest to where they've lived for the past six months.
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    Working With the Bankruptcy Trustee

    Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy means that you'll be dealing with a "bankruptcy trustee" who will be assigned to handle your case. The trustee's job is to gather all non-exempt property you own into the "bankruptcy estate" to determine what (if anything) can be sold and the proceeds distributed to your unsecured creditors. In most cases, there's nothing left — "no-asset" cases make up more than 90% of consumer chapter 7 cases — but the trustee will be looking.
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    Getting help from your local court to file bankruptcy without an attorney

    You may be surprised to learn that every federal bankruptcy court has a special section just for people filing bankruptcy without an attorney. Learn how to use this information if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy.
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    Do I need a lawyer to file for bankruptcy?

    The law does not require to have a lawyer, and if your case is simple and you have few assets, you can successfully file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy yourself. Chapter 13? Not so much. And if you have property to lose, or you're not great with details, getting a lawyers help can be a good idea, no matter what kind of bankruptcy you're filing. Also a lawyer may find ways to help that you haven't' thought of
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    What is a 341 hearing (creditors meeting)?

    Everyone who files for bankruptcy must attend a 341 hearing, which is also called a "creditors meeting." The meeting is conducted by the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case. During the Coronavirus, it. can be done by phone.
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    Where do I file for bankruptcy in Marysville, CA?

    Bankruptcy is federal law and you file in the local Federal District Bankruptcy Court. Find out yours.
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    Do I have to get credit counseling before I file for bankruptcy?

    Yes. You must complete a credit counseling course before you file your bankruptcy petition. Fortunately, it's easy and can be done online. And your case cannot be completed (i.e. you can't get your "discharge order" from the judge until you take a "Debtor Education" course.
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    Free Online Student Loan Undue Hardship Affidavit For §523(a)(8) Discharge

    It is now easier than ever to get rid of student loans in bankruptcy, thanks to a new guidance and affidavit offered by the Department of education for those seeking student loan discharge for undue hardship. Use this new tool to fill in the form and analyze whether you have a chance to succeed in an undue hardship claim.
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    What Debt Can Be Wiped Out In Bankruptcy?

    Bankruptcy can eliminate some kinds of debts, like credit card debt and medical debt, but not others, like child support and (in most cases) student loans. And liens associated with "purchase money secured debts", where you have pledged collateral for a loan, also are not affected by a bankruptcy, so you can still lose the collateral to the lien-holder.
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    What Debts Will I Still Have To Pay After My Bankruptcy?

    Some kinds of debts pass unscathed through bankruptcy, including child support, debts incurred through fraud or other bad acts, most student loan debt, more.
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    How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Child Support Obligations?

    By law, child support obligations generally cannot be avoided in a bankruptcy. They pass pretty much intact.
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    Can I Get My Tax Debts Wiped Out In Bankruptcy?

    If you filed tax returns but didn't pay, and the taxes are more than three years old, you may be in luck.
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    How Will Bankruptcy Affect Someone Who Cosigned One Of My Debts?

    Co-signers will still owe the full amount of the debt, even if you you get your personal liability discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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    Secured debt vs. unsecured debt: What's the difference?

    Bankruptcy helps you get rid of unsecured debt. It does not eliminate secured debts, where you have pledged collateral for a loan, such as a car loan or a mortgage. When you file bankruptcy you must declare what you intend to do about your secured debts.
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    Medical Debt: What Bankruptcy Can Do About it

    Medical debts are perhaps the most common reason people choose the "fresh start" option that bankruptcy gives them. Illness or injury, combined with loss of income can produce exactly kind of financial stresses that bankruptcy is designed to cure. Rather than be saddled with a lifetime of debt, bankruptcy can eliminate it, and give you a fresh start. Every state ranks differently. Find out how California ranks.
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    Best Sources of Student Loan Undue Hardship Case Law

    If you decide to challenge your student loan as dischargeable to due unto hardship, it's good take time to read other undue hardship cases you get a sense of what's required in order to prevail.
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    Student Loans §523(a)( 8 ) Undue Hardship Discharge Affidavit

    If you decide to file an adversary proceeding to discharge under §523(a)(8) your student loans based on undue hardship, you'll have to fill out this affidavit from the Department of education. The Department will use this to determine if they stipulate that you are entitled to a discharge.
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    Can I Get My Student Loans Discharged or Reduced for Undue Hardship In Bankruptcy?

    Discharging student loans in bankruptcy has always been more difficult than discharging other types of unsecured debt like credit cards. You have to prove “undue hardship.” But that got a bit easier as of November 2022 thanks to new Justice Department guidelines, telling their lawyers not to challenge debtors seeking undue hardship discharges if they meet certain criteria.
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    What is a Reaffirmation Agreement?

    A "reaffirmation agreement" says that your personal liability for a debt goes unaffected by your bankruptcy. But because that's what bankruptcy is for, they should only be signed on rare occasions.
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