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Clark County, ID Bankruptcy Guide

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Automatically apply the Clark County expense standards, and Idaho income standards to your means test calculation.

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Idaho Bankruptcy Exemptions

Idaho Exemptions Summary:


Real property or mobile home to $175,000; sale proceeds exempt for 6 months (husband and wife may not double) (increased from $100,000 March 2020)

Vehicle Exemption


Personal Property

Appliances, furnishings, books, clothing, pets, musical instruments, 1 firearm, family portraits, & sentimental heirlooms to $1,000 per item, $7,500 total
Building materials
Crops cultivated on maximum of 50 acres, to $5,000; water rights to 160 inches
Health aids
Jewelry to $1,000
Firearm to $1,500
Tools of trade to $10,000

Wild Card

$1,500 in any tangible personal property


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