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Alfalfa County, OK Bankruptcy Guide

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Automatically apply the Alfalfa County expense standards, and Oklahoma income standards to your means test calculation.

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Oklahoma Bankruptcy Exemptions

Oklahoma Exemptions Summary:


Real property or manufactured home to unlimited value; property cannot exceed 1 acre in city, town, or village, or 160 acres elsewhere; $5,000 limit if more than 25% of total sq. ft. area used for business purposes; okay to rent homestead as long as no other residence is acquired

Vehicle Exemption

Motor vehicle to $7,500

Personal Property

Books, portraits, & pictures
Clothing to $4,000
Household & kitchen furniture, personal computer & related equipment
Livestock for personal or family use: 5 dairy cows & calves under 6 months; 100 chickens; 20 sheep; 10 hogs; 2 horses, bridles, & saddles; forage & feed to last 1 year
Guns for household use to $2,000
Wedding and anniversary rings to $3,000

Wild Card



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