Alaska exemption amounts are no longer are updated in the statutes. Amounts are adjusted periodically by administrative regulations and can be found at 8 Alaska Admin Code tit. 8 95.030 (Amounts are current as of 4/01/2013. See

Alaska has not elected to "opt out" of the federal exemptions pursuant to Code 522(b). Instead, Alaska has enacted a provision, AS 09.38.055, which limits the exemptions available to a debtor filing bankruptcy and residing in Alaska to those within the following statutes: AS 09.38.010, 09.38.015, 09.38.017, 09.38.020, 09.38.025 and 09.38.030. Click here for inflation adjusted exemption amounts.

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Tenancy by the entirety is recognized but such interests are not exempt, under the state law and consequently the right of survivorship is not exempt under the Bankruptcy Code pursuant to Code 522(b)(2)(B).



Michigan Bankruptcy LawsAlaska Stat. 34.15.140


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