Alaska exemption amounts are no longer are updated in the statutes. Amounts are adjusted periodically by administrative regulations and can be found at 8 Alaska Admin Code tit. 8 95.030 (Amounts are current as of 4/01/2013. See

Alaska has not elected to "opt out" of the federal exemptions pursuant to Code 522(b). Instead, Alaska has enacted a provision, AS 09.38.055, which limits the exemptions available to a debtor filing bankruptcy and residing in Alaska to those within the following statutes: AS 09.38.010, 09.38.015, 09.38.017, 09.38.020, 09.38.025 and 09.38.030. Click here for inflation adjusted exemption amounts.

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Weekly net earnings to $473; for sole wage earner in a household, $716; if you don't receive weekly or semi-monthly pay, can claim $1,890 in cash or liquid assets paid any month; for sole wage earner in household, $2,970


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Michigan Bankruptcy LawsAlaska Stat. 09.38.030 (a),(b)


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