Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions not available. California has two systems; you must select one or the other. Most law references are to the California Code of Civil Procedure. Many exemptions do not apply to claims for child support.

Joint filers cannot double California exemptions. Unlike most states, under California law, joint filers may not double exemptions with specific dollar limitations unless clearly stated otherwise in the exemption law. Code Civ. Pro. 703.110 ("Where the property exempt under a particular exemption is limited to a specified maximum dollar amount, unless the exemption provision specifically provides otherwise, the two spouses together are entitled to one exemption limited to the specified maximum dollar amount, whether one or both of the spouses are judgment debtors under the judgment and whether the property sought to be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment is separate or community.")

Note: California's exemption amounts are no longer updated in the statutes themselves. California Code of Civil Procedure section 703.150 deputizes the California judicial council to update the exemption amounts every three years. (The last revision was in 2016; the next will be 2019.) As a result, the amounts listed in this chart (from the 2016 revisions) may not match the amounts that appear in the cited statutes. The current exemption amounts can be found on the California Judicial Council Website. Click here for inflation adjusted exemption amounts.

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Tools, implements, materials, instruments, uniforms, books, furnishings, & equipment to $8,000 total ($15,975 total if used by both spouses in same occupation); Commercial motor vehicle to $4,850 ($9,700 if used by debtor and spouse in same trade)



Michigan Bankruptcy LawsCal. Civ. Proc. Code 704.060


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