Bankruptcy Blogs


Bankruptcy Blogs

The blogs listed here are mostly for lawyers, but some may have items of interest to consumers. Blogs can be a good way to keep up with recent developments.




Nolo's Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Blog

A blog focusing on bankruptcy procedure and strategies for consumers and general news on the credit industry as it affects consumers.

Credit Slips

A very active discussion of credit and bankruptcy with frequent, interesting posts by bankruptcy law professors. Topics are generally about current developments in Washington, news stories, new studies from the academic community on the societal effects of bankruptcy law and the consumer credit and banking industry.

Justia list of bankruptcy blogs offers useful tools for tracking legitimate bankruptcy blogs (i.e. ones that aren't just spam).


Blog by lawyers, for lawyers, about development in case law under the new bankruptcy law. But there's interesting stuff in here, like this post, quoting judges railing about the absurd procedural penalties the new law includes to stick it to consumers.

on the Bankruptcy Soapbox

This is the blog by California attorney Cathy Moran (who also moderates the discussion boards on Her posts are timely and interesting with a real-world perspective of a practicing bankruptcy lawyer in the trenches.

Bankruptcy Law Network

An aggregation of articles contributed from bankruptcy lawyers throughout the country. Many posts are quite good. One attorney has made an extensive series of posts about the Means Test that are quite good.



This lawyer's website offers a package service to consumer bankruptcy lawyers who need to fill the law's "due diligence" requirement.

His blog that often features timely news stories about how the new law is working in practice. Good information about consumer bankruptcy.

The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog
BAPCPA Outline)

This blog tends to focus more on corporate bankruptcy issues and less on consumer bankruptcies, but did post a summary of cases that have interpreted the BAPCPA (that is, the bankruptcy law revisions that took effect in October 2005).


Other Blogs

Asset Protection Blog

By the Asset Protection Book author, this blog is for millionaires and CEOs looking for strategies to shield their wealth from creditors.

Five Cent Nickel

This personal finance blog frequently has news and information about bankruptcy.

schlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress

News & views on self-help law and pro se litigation. Good collection of self-help resources for consumers and practitioners. is an award-winning site that supports a growing network of self-help program practitioners with an online clearinghouse of information relating to self-representation.


Concurring Opinions

A legal and social science blog with occasional commentaries on bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy Websites

Nolo - Bankruptcy

Nolo is a well-respected publisher of books and software designed to help people handle their own legal affairs. Their website features many helpful articles on a wide variety of topics, including bankruptcy. You can also buy Nolo products there.

This website is run by the Moran Law Group, a firm in Mountain View, CA offers free information on a wide range of topics. As of the date of this review (Feb. '06) the information is in need of updating, but it is impressive in the scope of topics it covers. Attorney Cathy Moran leads the California Bankruptcy Discussion Group on, where she answers questions from ordinary folks.

ABI World

Offers a variety of good information, but not exclusively for consumer bankruptcy. Lots of coverage of large scale, chapter 11 business bankruptcies. Not intended for non-lawyers, but still some good, plain English information such as their report on "25 Changes to Personal Bankruptcy Law" which summarizes the changes in the new bankruptcy law.


Also of interest

Discussion Boards

Of course, browsing discussion board archives is not the most efficient way to learn about bankruptcy, but it may hold an answer to a particular question.

Here are a few of the major ones

Bankruptcy at

Good information, but may be difficult to wade through thousands of posts to find and answer to your question.

Bankruptcy Questions at

Lawyers answer questions about Bankruptcy.

Debt & Bankruptcy at

This discussion board is well populated.


King's Bankruptcy Practice Guide Issues and Answers

Not exactly a discussion board, but answers from author Morgan King to specific questions about his treatise on bankruptcy procedure. Questions are posed by lawyers or other professionals who have purchased his books. If a question happens to be relevant, this site can be quite helpful.

An active discussion board where filers and professionals help each other get through the bankruptcy process.


Bankruptcy Podcasts

Learn by listening. Many of these podcasts are extremely informative.

The New Bankruptcy Law
Nolo Bankruptcy Author, Steve Elias

download this podcast episode Download the MP3
( 8.1MB 11min 43sec )

This interview with attorney Stephen Elias, conducted on January 30th, 2006, includes discussion about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies as well as costs and trends under the new bankruptcy law. Podcast | Transcript

This website features a weekly podcast by New York bankruptcy attorney Jay Fleischman. The show offers useful, practical information in response to listener questions about debt collection and bankruptcy.

The website lists past shows. It would be better if you could could browse the list of shows to exactly what questions are answered on specific shows. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The show summaries do not lists the specific questions, and it takes a while to listen to each 30-minute podcast. But the information is very good. (Much of this information give here is also available in books from Nolo.)

MyVesta Radio

MoneyHelp is a weekly radio show with practical advice and legal information about money, credit and debt, hosted by Myvesta President Steve Rhode.


2007 Senate Banking Committee Hearing on Credit Card Fees

Congress is showing signs that it may act to regulate the hugely profitable practice of bait-and-switch credit card offers and exorbitant late fees , the new Democratic Senate had a hearing on the issue.

Webcast of hearing (archive)
(3 hours long. Testimony begins at 56 minute mark)

NPR report on the hearing

Testimony of Elizabeth Warren
Harvard Law professor clearly makes the case for regulation of consumer credit contracts. Consumers need to be protected from deceptive and dangerous credit deals in the for the same reason we have laws that prohibit the sale of unsafe toasters and cars: Safety laws mean you don't need to be an engineer to avoid buying a dangerous toaster. Likewise, consumers shouldn't need to be CPAs to avoid a signing a dangerous credit contract.

NY Times Sunday Magazine
Special "Debt" Issue

All about America's debt problems from a variety of perspectives. Interesting reading. Good articles on bankruptcy, student loan debt and related issues.


Audio Answers - 60 second Flash audio clips
on various aspects of debt and bankruptcy law.

Flash audio clips from BankruptcyAction

A Trustee's Comments on Personal Bankruptcy - (Audio).

10 Ways to get out of Debt

Credit Bureaus - What they are and How they Work - (Audio)(Text).

Credit Repair - (Audio)(Text).

If I File Bankruptcy will I Ever get Credit Again? - (Audio)(Text).

Preparing for your Meeting with your Bankruptcy Attorney - (Audio)(Text).