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Bankruptcy Court Information For Brevard County, FL

Melbourne, Florida 32901

Residents of Brevard County, Florida file bankruptcy in Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court

4 courthouses serve the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court.

Three Kinds of Information You Will Need from the Court

(Note: Court websites change often and links go out of date. If a link does not work, go to the home page for the court and look for the materials from there.)

Official Website of the
Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court

Official Court Website

* Home page

What you'll find there

You'll need to file your papers with one of the courthouses that serve the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court.

Pre-COVID, you had to go to court, in person, at least once to meet with the bankruptcy trustee for your 341 hearing. During the Coronavirus pandemic, those meetings were typically done by phone or zoom. A few courts may still allow that.

Where To Start

Before you file, there are three kinds of information you'll need to get from the court's website:

1. Info on Filing Without an Attorney

Court "Pro Se" Info

Information specific to your district

You'll need information specifically about your particular court's procedures.

Fortunately, the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court offers information specifically designed for people filing without an attorney. Virtually all courts link to the generic national information mentioned above. The Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court offers specific guidance about local procedures.

General information about how to file

If you're new to the bankruptcy process, the website of the US Courts Adminstrative Office now offers a basic orentation page for those filing bankruptcy without an attorney. The information inlcudes a Bankruptcy Basics video in English Spanish and Creole. The half hour video is split into chapters so you can go back and review parts that went by too fast the first time.

2. Local Rules

Local Rules - FLM

Each court has its own rules about filing procedure, how to list creditor's names and addresses, and they tend to be fussy about it.

You must comply with the details of the process, such as filing dates, filing procedures, fees, and a myriad of other bureaucratic wonderfulness. Depending on how poorly they're written, your court's local rules probably won't make much sense to you. Don't worry. You may not be affected by most of the rules.

However, you will need to follow the rules about filing procedure and how to format the creditors' "mailing matrix" (a list of creditor's names and addresses).

Your court publishes plain-English instructions for those filing without a lawyer in the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court . Use that first, rather than trying to read the actual rules.

How to File for BankruptcyChapters 6 and 7 of How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy offer more information on what to look for in local rules and how to ask the court clerk for the information you need as you prepare your paperwork and fill in yourforms.

3. Court Forms

Local Forms

Bankruptcy is a forms-intensive process, kind of like doing a long tax return.

The main forms you use in bankruptcy are federal forms, used nationwide in all bankruptcy courts.

Your bankruptcy court may have additional local forms for the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court for dealing with things like the list of creditors.

Other information from the court

Most courts link to a downloadable U.S. Courts publication called "Bankruptcy Basics." This offers a decent overview of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- but has no information about how to actually file or fill in the mountain of forms.

Now most courts also link to a helpful YouTube video created by the Federal Courts that explains the bankruptcy process.

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Courthouses of the Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court

Brevard County is served by the Federal Courthouse at Orlando, FL
400 W. Washington Street, Orlando, FL 32801. 407-237-8000


Court Website info

300 North Hogan Street
Suite 3-150
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Maps: Google - Yahoo


Court Website info

400 W. Washington Street
Suite 5100
Orlando, FL 32801

Maps: Google - Yahoo


Court Website info

801 N. Florida Avenue
Suite 555
Tampa, Florida 33602

Maps: Google - Yahoo

Fort Myers

Court Website info

2110 First Street
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

The Fort Myers Division does not have staffed Bankruptcy Clerk's Office. The District Court's Clerk's Office at the Fort Myers Courthouse does not accept filings in bankruptcy cases. Bankruptcy petitions and other papers filed by parties without an attorney MUST be filed by hand delivery or by mail at the Clerk's Office in the Tampa Division, located at 801 N. Florida Avenue, Suite 555, Tampa, Florida 33602.

Maps: Google - Yahoo

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Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court List of Private Trustees by Chapter

Source: The U.S Trustee Program - Florida List of Private Trustees by Chapter



Note: The individuals listed are private parties, not government employees.





Doreen R. Abbott
P.O. Box 56257
Jacksonville, FL 32241 -6257
Phone: (904)886-9459


Robert Altman
P.O. Box 922
Palatka, FL 32178 -0922
Phone: (386)325-4691
Fax: (386)325-9765


Gregory L. Atwater
P.O. Box 1815
Orange Park, FL 32073
Phone: (904)264-2273


Nicole Marie Cameron
235 Apollo Beach Blvd., #231
Apollo Beach, FL 33572
Phone: (813) 645-8787


Dawn A. Carapella
P.O. Box 67
Valrico, FL 33595 -0067
Phone: (813) 685-8694


Gene T. Chambers
P.O. Box 533987
Orlando, FL 32853 -3987
Phone: (407)872-7575


Carolyn R. Chaney
P.O. Box 530248
St. Petersburg, FL 33747 -0248
Phone: (727)864-9851


Aaron R. Cohen
P.O. Box 4218
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 904-389-7277


Gregory K. Crews
8584 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Phone: (904)354-1750


Richard Michael Dauval
P.O. Box 13607
St. Petersburg, FL 33733 -3607
Phone: (727) 362-9003
Fax: (727) 327-3305


Marie E. Henkel
3560 S. Magnolia Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: (407)438-6738


Christine L. Herendeen
P.O. Box 152348
Tampa, FL 33684
Phone: (813) 438-3833


Larry S. Hyman
P.O. Box 18614
Tampa, FL 33679
Phone: (813)875-2701


Gordon P. Jones
P.O. Box 600459
Jacksonville, FL 32260 -0459
Phone: (904)262-7373


Dennis D. Kennedy
P.O. Box 541848
Merritt Island, FL 32954
Phone: (321) 455-9744
Fax: (321) 445-9888


Arvind Mahendru
5703 Red Bug Lake Rd. #284
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Phone: (407) 504-2462


Stephen L. Meininger
707 North Franklin Street
Suite 850
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813)301-1025
Fax: (813)307-0879


Douglas N. Menchise
P.O. Box 14957
Clearwater, FL 33766
Phone: (727) 797-8384
Fax: (727) 797-8019


Carla P. Musselman
1150 SW Chapman Way
Unit 310
Palm City, FL 34990
Phone: (407)657-4951
Fax: (407)644-4306


Emerson C. Noble
P.O. Box 622798
Oviedo, FL 32762 -2798
Phone: (407) 628-9300


Lori Patton
P.O. Box 520547
Longwood, FL 32752
Phone: (407) 937-0936


Luis E. Rivera, II
P.O. Box 1026
Fort Myers, FL 33902 -0280
Phone: (239) 254-8466
Fax: (239) 321-5334


Beth Ann Scharrer
P.O. Box 4550
Seminole, FL 33775
Phone: (727)392-8031


Traci K. Stevenson
P.O. Box 86690
Madeira Beach, FL 33738
Phone: (727)397-4838


Robert E. Tardif, Jr.
P.O. Box 2140
Fort Myers, FL 33902
Phone: (239)362-2755
Fax: (239)362-2756


Richard B. Webber, II
P.O. Box 3000
Orlando, FL 32802
Phone: (407) 425-7010


Angela Welch
12191 W. Linebaugh Ave. #401
Tampa, FL 33626
Phone: (813) 814-0836



Theresa M. Bender
P.O. Box 14557
Tallahassee, FL 32317
Phone: (850)205-7777


Sherry F. Chancellor
619 W. Chase Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: (850)436 8445


Marybeth W. Colon
P. O. Box 14596
Tallahassee, FL 32317
Phone: (850) 241-0144
Fax: (850) 702-0735


Karin A. Garvin
1801 W. Garden Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: (850)437-5577



Roberto A. Angueira
16 SW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33130
Phone: (305) 263-3328


Michael R. Bakst
P.O. Box 407
West Palm Beach, FL 33402
Phone: (561)838-4539
Fax: (561)514-3439


Marc P. Barmat
2255 Glades Road, Suite 419A
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (561) 395-0500
Fax: (561) 338 7532


Scott N. Brown
SunTrust International Center
1 SE 3rd Avenue – Suite #2410
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 379-7904
Fax: (305) 379-7905


Jacqueline Calderin
1825 Ponce de Leon Blvd #358
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: (786) 369-8440
Fax: (786) 369-8523


Drew M. Dillworth
2200 Museum Tower
150 W. Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33130
Phone: (305)789-3598
Fax: (305)789-3395


Marcia T. Dunn
66 West Flagler Street
Suite 400
Miami, FL 33130
Phone: (786) 433-3866
Fax: (786) 260-0269


Robert C. Furr
2255 Glades Road, Suite 419A
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (561)395-1840
Fax: (561)338-7532


Ross R. Hartog
P.O. Box 14306
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302
Phone: (954) 767-0030


Soneet R. Kapila
1000 S. Federal Highway, Suite 200
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: (954) 761-1011
Fax: (954)761-1033


Nicole Testa Mehdipour
6278 North Federal Highway
Suite 408
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone: (954) 858-5880
Fax: (954) 208-0888


Deborah C. Menotte
P.O. Box 211087
West Palm Beach, FL 33421
Phone: (561)795-9640


Barry E. Mukamal
1 SE Third Avenue, Ste. 2150
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (786) 517-5760
Fax: (786) 517-5772


Leslie S. Osborne
1300 N. Federal Hwy
Suite 203
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone: (561)368-2200
Fax: (561)338-0350


Chad S. Paiva
6526 S. Kanner Highway, #376
Stuart, FL 34997
Phone: (561) 762-4118


Sonya Salkin Slott
P.O. Box 15580
Plantation, FL 33318
Phone: (954)423-4469
Fax: (954)423-4479


Joel L. Tabas
25 S.E. 2nd Ave., Suite 248
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 375-8171
Fax: (305) 381-7708


Kenneth A. Welt
4581 Weston Road - #355
Suite 1000
Weston, FL 33331
Phone: (954) 761-5161
Fax: (954) 606-9867


Maria M. Yip
One Biscayne Tower
2 S. Biscayne Blvd, Suite 2690
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305) 787-3750
Fax: (786) 800-3903

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What's all this about "CM/ECF"?

If you visit any bankruptcy court website, you will see prominent notices about mandatory "CM/ECF" which stands for "Case Management/Electronic Case Files." If you are representing yourself (filing without a lawyer), don't worry about this -- it applies only to lawyers (although most sites fail to mention that important fact).

If you're a lawyer, you must file your client's bankruptcy forms electronically and receive training on how to do it. Electronic filing simply means filing your forms as PDF (Acrobat) files via the internet or CD-ROM. Creating PDF files does not require special software. Any software that can print can also produce PDF files with the proper software add-ons. There are some specialized attorneys' bankruptcy software that will produce PDFs from data you enter.

Most downloadable official forms these days are PDFs with fillable fields and most computers can "print" a filled-in form to a PDF file. (See the Free Bankruptcy Forms page for more info)

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Courts that offer "eSR" - Electronic Self Representation

See below for our list of courts that allow debtors to electroncially file.

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Dealing with "legalese"

Bankruptcy court websites have come a long way towards plain English?

Courts should serve all taxpayers, not just lawyers. Filing requirements should be clear and accessible to everyone. After all, everyone must follow the law, so why not make the rules clear and in plain English?

Unfortunately, not all courts provide clear, simple instructions for filing bankruptcy forms. It takes some effort to translate legalese into plain English, and some courts just don't bother.

However, some courts do an admirable job of providing information to help non-attorneys find relevant information. They lay out clear timelines of essential procedures and explain requirements in a clear, easy to follow manner.

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Courts That Do a Good Job Of Helping Debtors Who Don't Have An Attorney

In our first review of 90 bankruptcy court websites nationwide in 2007, found only a handful court websites that provided clear, well-organized filing information for those who don't speak legalese.

A few courts, however, showed what could be done if all courts would bother to take the time to help the general public, and so we created a "Hall of Fame" of good government, to show what could be done by a court with taxpayer's money and a little extra effort, organizaion, and plain English. All bankruptcy courts should follow their example.

In subsequent reviews, many court websites showed significant improvement from 2007 to 2009.

However, as of August 2022, although in general court websites are much better, there is still a wide gap between the best and worst ones when it comes to serving the unrepresented debtor.

If your court's website isn't helpful, check out one of these sites....

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Bankruptcy courts that do a good job of explaining procedures to non-lawyers and / or offer eSR (electronic Self Representation)

Here are the best of the best. Court websites can and do change -- hopefully for the better, but not always.

Note: Links go directly to the court's info for non-lawyers, rather than the court home page.

Note: As you will see if you look at several of these, most of the information you find is general and applies regardless of which court you're filing in.

However, some procedures are "local" and deadlines and forms can vary from court to court.

Always confirm that you are complying with your own court's local rules and procedures.

Oklahoma Western District Bankruptcy Court

New interface is a bit too clever by half. Important info is buried in the menu called "Court" Click the "No Attorney" link. Once you get past that, it's pretty good. Pop up menus work very slowly and may not work on all browsers. On some browsers you may not even see the menus at all! Has a dedicated pro se counter. (May 2009) Update: Court should make website work with all browsers. Important information is missed if the home page menus don't work right. But downloadble PDF guides are good, but were written in 2007. March 2012.

main website     info for non-lawyers

Texas Eastern District Bankruptcy Court

Now features a special menu just for those filing without an attorney. Offers clearly organized guidance as to what to do when. (May 2009) Update. Still excellent. Could be a model for other courts. March 2012.

main website     info for non-lawyers