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Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

Ohio Exemption Notes

The main set of exemptions for Ohio are found in the Ohio Revised Code §§ 2329.66, .

Ohio exemption law is notable because of its rather generous homestead exemption of $145,425 and, and $13,400 personal property and $4,000 motor vehicle exemption.

Ohio also explicitly exempts the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit. 

Federal exemptions are not available in Ohio.

Other Listings of Ohio Exemptions

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Can I use the §522(d) Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions in Ohio?

No. Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2329.662



Real or personal property used as residence to $161,375 (adjusted for inflation every 3 years, April 1, 2022)

Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicle to $4,450 (adjusted for inflation, April 1, 2022).


$1,475 of any property (adjusted for inflation, April 1, 2022)

Personal Property

Animals, crops, books, musical instruments, appliances, household goods, furnishings, firearms, hunting & fishing equipment to $575 per item; jewelry to $1,875 for 1 or more items; $14,875 total.
Cash, money due within 90 days, tax refund, bank, security, & utility deposits to $550 total (husband & wife may double)
Implements, books, & tools of trade to $2,825.
(Note: Adjusted for inflation every 3 years; current amounts as of April 1, 2022.)

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