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Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions

Arizona Exemption Notes

Arizona has opted out of the federal bankruptcy exemptions, so you are stuck with the exemptions found in the Arizona Revised Statutes and federal non-bankruptcy law.

With the passage of 2022 Proposition 209, Arizona increased its homestead exemption to $400,000,  adjusted for inflation every year, beginning January 1, 2024. ARS §33-1101 (D)

But spouses cannot double that exemption. 

Arizona also allows a very generous $15,000 motor vehicle exemption and $15,000 tools of trade exemption, but no “wildcard” exemption, but a $6,000 exemption for bank accounts. 

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Can I use the §522(d) Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions in Arizona?

No. Federal Exemptions not available. Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-1133.



$400,000 for real property, an apartment, or mobile home you occupy to; sale proceeds exempt 18 months after sale or until new home purchased, whichever occurs first (husband & wife may not double)

Motor Vehicle

Up to $6,000 ($12,000, if debtor is physically disabled)



Personal Property

household furniture & appliances to $6,000 (see );Books to $250; clothing to $500; wedding & engagement rings to $2,000; watch to $150; pets, horses, milk cows, & poultry to $800; musical instruments to $400; food and fuel to last six months; $500 of clothing; health aids (see details for more)

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