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Means Test Calculator for Ward County

Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator
for Minot,North Dakota (Ward County)

For cases filed on or after April 1, 2024

Based on numbers published by the U.S. Trustee's office for cases filed on or after April 1, 2024.)

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Hello, and welcome to the means test calculator, based on the official means test forms).

The calculator does NOT ask for personal identifying information, other than your zip code, to choose the correct county to look up expense standards. We've tested the calculator and feel it's worth launching to the public. It's free to use. Please let us know if you find any flaws, and we will fix them.

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Top Intro TOC Form B122A-1 Form B122A-1Supp Form B122A-2

Introduction: Are You Eligible for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Despite what you may have heard about changes in bankruptcy law, most people who need bankruptcy protection are still eligible.

Are you?

This calculator will help you find out.

It applies the formulas, regional income and expense standards, and calculations of the new "means test" that was a cornerstone of BAPCPA, the 2005 bankruptcy law (11 U.S.C. 707(b)). It uses the language and formatting of the 2014 version of Official Form B122A-1Official Form B122A-1Supp, and Official Form B122A-2, just a few of several forms you must complete if you decide to file for bankruptcy.

Read the instructions carefully (for official instructions for PDF forms, click here). If you are unsure whether an item applies to your situation, make a note of your question. Ask a bankruptcy lawyer about it if you go for a free consultation.

Part 1: Income
North Dakota State "Median Income" Test

Compare your household income over the past six calendar months to the state median. If your monthly household income is less than the North Dakota median income for a household of your size, you are presumed to be eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under Section 707(b)(2).

North Dakota Bankruptcy InformationMedian Household Income Test for North Dakota

Compare your household income to the North Dakota median income.

For Cases Filed on or after April 1, 2024.

North Dakota Median Income Test
Form B122A-1 (Line 13)

Size* ?
6 Month
1 $5,568 $33,407 $66,813
2 $7,459 $44,753 $89,505
3 $8,685 $52,111 $104,222
4 $10,212 $61,272 $122,543
5 $11,037 $66,222 $132,443
6 $11,862 $71,172 $142,343
7 $12,687 $76,122 $152,243
8 $13,512 $81,072 $162,143
9 $14,337 $86,022 $172,043
10 $15,162 $90,972 $181,943
< If LESS You Pass! - Chapter 7 is an option. Not legally required to complete Form B122A-2, but may want to anyway.
> If MORE - Keep Going! - You must complete Part 2: Form B122A-2 to determine if Chapter 7 is available.

Sources: U.S. Trustee Program, Department of Justice , 11 U.S.C. Sec. 707(b)(7) exclusion. Official Form B122A-1, Line 13

Source: U.S. Trustee, U.S. Department of Justice (for bankruptcy cases filed filed on or after April 1, 2024)

(*The applicable household size is the number that would currently be allowed as exemptions on your federal income tax return, plus the number of any additional dependents whom you support.)

Form B122A-1 requires you to:

  1. total your income for the last six calendar months [Line 11],
  2. average it, then
  3. annualize it, and then
  4. compare it to the North Dakota median for your size household [Line 13].
    • If your income is below this amount, you meet the requirements of the "means test" (section 707(b)(2) of the bankruptcy code) to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
The table above makes it a bit simpler to figure out. Compare your six-month total income over the last six calendar months to the "6 Mo. Total" in the chart below to get a rough idea of which side of the line you fall. Pay attention to the rules about household size.

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Part 2 Expenses:
County Expense Standards For Ward County

This part is relevant only if your income is above the state median income. If so, you will need to determine your monthly expenses, using the monthly expense allowance standards for Ward County.

Monthly Expense Standards for Ward County, North Dakota
For cases filed on or after April 1, 2024
Fam. Size: (Line 5) Non-Mortgage Housing expenses (Line 8) Mortage & Rent (Line 9)
1 $562 $1,222
2 $660 $1,435
3 $696 $1,512
4 $776 $1,686
5 $789 $1,713
6 $789 $1,713
7 $789 $1,713
8 $789 $1,713
9 $789 $1,713
10 $789 $1,713

Eighth Circuit
Fed Ct: North Dakota District Bankruptcy Court
Region: Western North Dakota
Subregion: Minot, Northwest North Dakota
Metro (MSA): Minot ND
County: Ward (p.69,919)

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