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"Median Income"

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Case Law Topics

  • Household Size: Deceased Spouse

  • Household Size: Live-in Relatives & Roommates

    Some courts follow the Census bureau's "heads on beds" test Ellringer (who was in the household on the filing date). Other courts look to the definition of dependent from the IRS. You need to know what theory your jurisdiction follows. Here are a few selected cases. If you meet both tests, you're probably fine. Note that the U.S. Trustee's office advocates the IRS dependents test, but it depends on what your judge thinks.

  • Household Size & Unborn Children

    Household size matters a lot in the means test. Do you count your unborn child as part of your household? -- because the child WILL be part of your household during the future five years in which you would be paying into a hypothetical Chapter 13 plan...
    Household size matters for purposes of median income, and for the amount of the expense allowances you are allowed according to the IRS tables.

  • Household Size & Joint Custody

    Whether you count your joint custody kid as part of your household because they don't have a column for 1.5 people...

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