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Wisconsin Bankruptcy Info

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Information

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Wisconsin Median Income Standards


Wisconsin Bankruptcy Exemptions

Wisconsin Homestead

Property you occupy or intend to occupy to $75,000; sale proceeds exempt for 2 years if you intend to purchase another home (husband & wife's exemption may double)


Motor vehicles to $5,000 (husband & wife may double; unused portion of $12,000 personal property exemption may be added)


75% of weekly net income or 30 times the greater of the federal or state minimum hourly wage; bankruptcy judge may authorize more for lowincome debtors

Personal property & Tools of Trade

Household goods and furnishings, clothing, keepsakes, jewelry, appliances, books, musical instruments, firearms, sporting goods, animals, and other tangible personal property to $12,000 total (husband & wife may double)
Deposit accounts to $5,000
Equipment, inventory, farm products, books, and tools of trade to $15,000 total.



More info About __ Bankrutpcy Exemptions including citations.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Courts



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