Student Loan Undue Hardship Calculator

Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Affidavit For Undue Hardship ยง523(a)(8) - Free Online

I've been creating automated computerized solutions for consumers for thirty years, starting with Living Trust Maker for Nolo in 1995, and the Free Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator, which I've been maintaining on this site for over 15 years.

In 2023, I'm noodling with what's possible with the power of software (now known as

I've created what I hope is a helpful tool for everyone out there thinking about what they're going to do about student loan payments when they become due in the middle of 2023 (60 days after the supreme court rules on Joe Biden's attempted student loan forgiveness program).

Whether or not Biden's forgiveness program proceeds, the Department of Education has now embarked on a new program in bankruptcy proceedings, and is now willing to stipulate to undue hardship claims in student loan discharge proceedings in bankruptcy if specific criteria can be met --  as outlined in an affidavit eight pages long(!), but automated here for your convenience.

It's been fun creating this automated tool that helps you complete the affidavit.

It's still in testing mode, working out the bugs... Feel free to use it "as is," if it's working! 

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Use this great article from the National Consumer Law Center as a guide when filling out the form.