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Conditions of use & common sense advice before you use exemption information

By using these exemptions listing you agree to these disclaimers. it's up to you to make sure this info is accurate, up to date, and applies to you.
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Conditions of use & common sense advice before you use these exemption listings— Permission to use these materials is given only on the condition that the user will be solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information contained here.

This list was last updated, January 2020. Laws can and do change. Before relying on this or ANY information you find on the internet, confirm that it is current. (If you find something incorrect or out of date, please report it here. Thanks. )

Every effort has been made to report these laws accurately. However, there could be errors or omissions which could change the effect of the law in a particular case.

If you see a law listed here and want to know how it applies to you -- that's what lawyers are for. A lawyer can tell you whether and how a law would apply to your specific situation, and give you other ideas of how the laws might work in your favor, in your particular case. There are resources on this website to help you locate a lawyer in Bakersfield, CA.

Laws are interpreted and applied by trustees and judges, and often even the judges don't agree on what the law means and when it applies. Over time, and hundreds of cases, there develops a pretty clear picture of what exemptions are allowed or routinely challenged within the local bankruptcy practice. Local customs can vary one district to the next, or even depend on the trustee. An experienced local bankruptcy professional should have a good sense of what flies and what doesn't with your local judge and trustee.

See the disclaimer, for other important limitations regarding this information.



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