Where do I file for bankruptcy in Bakersfield, CA?


Bankruptcy is federal law and you file in the local Federal District Bankruptcy Court. Find out yours.



Most people file for bankruptcy in the federal district court closest to where they live. However, if you run a business in a different district and most of your property is located there, you may have to file in that location.

Also, if you've moved in the past six months (180 days), you may have to file in the federal district court where you used to live. It all depends on where the greater portion of your property has been for most of the past 180 days.

Wherever you're required to file, know that you can handle most of your business with the court, including filing your bankruptcy forms, by mail. However, you will need to visit the courthouse at least once to meet with the bankruptcy trustee.

For more details and to find your local court, see our articles on How to Find Your Bankruptcy Court in Bakersfield, CA.


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