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What is a 341 Hearing?


The Justice Department's Office of the US Trustee offers instructions for 341 meetings that are unique to each district

Click this link to get information and meeting locations for your district.

In most districts nationwide, 341 meetings can now can be done via Zoom or telephone with virtually with no need to take time off work to travel to the courthouse.

A 341 hearing is the so-called "creditors meeting" that every bankruptcy filer must attend shortly after you file your bankruptcy papers.

For many filers, this used to be your only trip to the courthouse. As of 2024 chances are good your 341 Meeting will be done via Zoom.

This is when you meet with the bankruptcy trustee appointed to your case, and are asked questions about the information you have entered on your forms.

Most court websites post schedules of 341 hearings. When you file, you will be notified of your hearing date and time.

If you are the debtor, you will need to have certain documents ready for the 341 hearing, including:

  1. Government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license or passport
  2. Social Security card or other proof of your Social Security number
  3. Your bankruptcy petition and all schedules and statements that you filed with the court
  4. Any pay stubs or other proof of income that you have received since filing for bankruptcy
  5. Any bank statements or other financial statements that you have received since filing for bankruptcy
  6. Any other documents that the bankruptcy trustee has requested that you bring to the hearing.

It is important to review your bankruptcy petition and all other documents filed with the court before the hearing to make sure that everything is accurate and complete.

When you show up for your hearing, you will find that many other people have hearings set for the same day. You sit wait for your name to be called.

This is also the time when creditors can ask questions about your papers, and objections to your filing may be raised by creditors. But most of the time, no creditors attend. After all, it's the job of the trustee to represent the creditors' interests, and it routine cases, there are no issues.

The book How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy provides detailed information about what to expect at your 341 hearing.

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