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What Bankruptcy can do about wage garnishment

New Jersey Wage Garnishment

Wages are protected by federal non bankruptcy law, and by state wage garnishment laws, which are generally more generous than the Federal wage garnishment protection. There are typically exceptions to this exemption for things like child support, and other priority debts.
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New Jersey Tools of Trade Exemptions
New Jersey WildCard Exemption

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Federal Non-Bankruptcy Law (available in all states)

Federal "non-bankruptcy" law also offers exemption protection for wages.

US Bankruptcy Code § 522 Wage Garnishment Exemptions

The Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions are available to you if

  • you haven't lived in any state longer than 180 days for a while, or
  • if your state allows the Federal exemptions as a choice.

Does New Jersey allow debtor the option of using the Federal Bankruptcy exemptions instead of state law exemptions?

Yes. Federal exemptions are available.


New Jersey Tools of Trade Exemptions
New Jersey WildCard Exemption

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  • New Jersey WildCard Exemption

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  • Does New Jersey Adjust Exemptions for Inflation?

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