Is Alaska Adjusting Its Bankruptcy Exemptions for Inflation in 2023?


The Federal Government adjusts Federal exemption amounts every three years. Does Alaska adjust exemption amounts?


Each state has its own set of exemption laws, apart from the federal bankruptcy exemptions under § 522. 

Does Alaska Adjust Its State Exemptions for Inflation?

Alaska revises its exemptions on October 1 of even-numbered years, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index; new amounts reported in Alaska Administrative Code 8 AAC 95.030.  The most recent change was October 1, 2022. The next change will be October 1, 2024. - Alaska Stat. § 09.38.115.

Revised Federal Bankruptcy Exemption Amounts As of April 1, 2022

Can I use the Federal Exemptions in Alaska?:

Yes. Alaska allows residents to use the federal exemptions pursuant to Code § 522(b). If the debtor choses to use the Alaska exemptions, AS § 09.38.055 limits the exemptions available to a debtor filing bankruptcy and residing in Alaska to those within the following statutes: AS §§ 09.38.010, 09.38.015, 09.38.017, 09.38.020, 09.38.025 and 09.38.030.

The federal bankruptcy exemptions are revised every three years. The last change was in 2019 and now they are changing again in 2022. The next change will be in 2025.

Not all states allow their residents to use the Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions.

The following are the new Federal Bankruptcy exemption amounts, effective April 1:

Exemption: Amount
Homestead  - § 522(d)(1) $27,900
Motor Vehicle  - § 522(d)(2)    $4,450
Household Goods  - § 522(d)(3)
- Per Item Limit
- Aggregate Limit

Jewelry  - § 522(d)(4)    $1,875
Wild Card  - § 522(d)(5) 
- Any property
- Unused homestead under § 522(d)(1)
Tools of the Trade -  § 522(d)(6)    $2,800
Unmatured Life Insurance - § 522(d)(8)  $14,875
Personal Injury Claims - § 522(d)(11)(D)  $27,900

Here's What Other States Do

Every state also has its own exemption laws. Some of these states revise them for inflation, just like the federal government. The table below shows what each state does.

Some states (Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, California. Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, and South Carolina) periodically adjust their statutory exemption limits for inflation.

See the table below for more details. 

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