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How Long Does The Means Test Take?

The means test can be completed very quickly if your average income for the past six months is below the state median. It takes a bit longer if your income is above the state median. But it can easily be completed in under an hour, regardless.
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Updated: 2020-08-25
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How long does this take?

Using this calculator takes about 20 minutes. For some, the answer may be obvious after only a few questions.

Is it private?

This calculator is completely anonymous. We do not ask -- and no not want -- any personally identifying information linking you to these numbers, other than a zip code. We do keep statistical data on amounts that user have entered, so that the site may monitor the needs of its users and adjust services accordingly. However, To us, this is data for statistical analysis only. For more information. See the privacy notice.

Garbage in, garbage out

If you don't put in the correct numbers in the correct blanks, this calculator won't give you an accurate result. It only does the math. It is your responsibility to put the right numbers in the right blanks. Helpful resources are available throughout the test to help you figure out what the form is asking for and what to put where.

Be sure to account for all the different kinds of income you receive. If you're not sure what to put in an 'expense' blank, skip it. You may find that it doesn't' matter -- that is, you may qualify regardless of what number you put in that blank.

If you need assistance, this website offers advertisements from lawyers who can help.

Where to find the Official Means Test form

If you end up actually filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you need to fill out the new  Official Forms (22A-1, 22A-2), effective 12/1/2014. which you can find here. This calculator is based on that form.

Automatically apply your county expense standards and state income standards to your means test calculation.

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