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Form B 122A-2, Line 22, Other Necessary Expenses: health care.

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Updated: 2021-04-30
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Line 31, Other Necessary Expenses: health care.

New Form B 122A-2, Line 22

  • Includes only unreimbursed, out-of-pocket expenses, exceeding the National Standard amounts provided for at line 19B, including items traditionally reimbursable through a flexible spending or "cafeteria" medical saving plan. For example:
    • deductibles
    • medications
    • therapy
    • co-pays
  • Does not include payments for health insurance or health savings account; those are covered by line 34.
  • Does not include elective or cosmetic surgery.
  • May not duplicate items on line 34.


Automatically apply your county expense standards and state income standards to your means test calculation.

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