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What We're Reading: November 2018

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Here's what we're reading in November 2018

BCFP Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Case, Concludes Law Firm Did Not Engage in Debt Collection by Initiating Nonjudicial Foreclosure

Three Predictions for the CFPB in 2019

Bloomberg to donate historic $1.8 billion to Hopkins for low-income scholarships

How Democrats plan to save the agency Republicans love to hate

CFPB Issues Spring 2018 Semi-Annual Report



Which Is The Riskier Path: Avoiding College Or Going To College?

Betsy DeVos Sued Again For Delaying Student Loan Forgiveness

15% of Americans still paying off last year’s holiday debt

The Ultimate Policy Mistake By Bankers When All Is Said And Done

For Democrats, the Not-So-Fresh Faces Will Matter Most

How The Midterm Elections May Affect Your Student Loans

Democrats' House victory sets up Maxine Waters to chair financial services committee

He never missed a payment, but the bank still foreclosed on his home anyway

Chicago Considers Wiping Away Old Ticket Debt for Motorists Who File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

"Overbiffing" is the latest outrage in debt collection

Consumers with Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, or Civil Judgments on Their Experian Credit Reports May Be Affected by a Settlement

Millennials with student debt are buying smaller homes with bigger mortgages

Goodbye Student Debt, So Long America!

Meet 5 midterm candidates running with student debt in mind—and in their lives

Know Your Student Loan Consumer Rights

Consumer Bureau Union Files Grievance Over Political Appointee's Racist Blog Posts

Here's what we're reading in October 2018

What happens to college loans if the borrower dies? That dependsMarkets Work In Higher Education: Tuition Fees Are Starting To Fall

Sears’ ‘tragic’ bankruptcy turns to opportunity as US mall owners court new tenants

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Student loan debt and relationships

Ex-student loan official: ‘We dropped a trillion dollars of debt into the market’ with little thought to oversight

Hundreds of mortgage execs ask CFPB to change LO pay rules

Consumer Confidential: Beware of law firms’ letters saying you’re being sued for outstanding debt

The student loan bubble might be about to pop

Will Sears Survive Bankruptcy?

Plaintiff Can Sue as "Consumer" Under FDCPA Despite Claiming Credit Card Debt Not His, Seventh Circuit Rules

CFPB fair lending officer now under investigation over controversial writings

Which Debt Should I Pay Off First?

Study finds racial disparities in student debt increase after young people leave college

Warren to Fed: Keep growth cap on Wells Fargo until CEO is replaced

Which Comes First: Debt Payoff or an Emergency Fund?

Judge Orders Betsy DeVos To Begin Student Loan Forgiveness

What Borrowers Should Know About Robocalls

The Student Loan Debt Crisis Is About to Get Worse

Bankruptcy Filing Shifts Spotlight to Sears’s Pension Plans

Study finds physical and financial health are linkedConsumers who struggle with money are more likely to face health issuesConsumer Reports: Medical debt hurts your credit score

Cory Gardner bill would let employers make up to $10,000 a year in tax-free contributions to ease workers’ student loan debt

If you move to this state, they’ll help you pay off your student debt

How to Protect Yourself From 'Zombie Debt' Collectors

Public service loan forgiveness is going wrong for most people — meet some of them

35 State Attorneys General Request the FCC to Implement New Rules to Combat Illegal Spam Robocalls

Congress Can’t Create an Independent and Unaccountable New Branch of Government

Pentagon, others baffled by CFPB plan to cease military lending exams

Not just student loans: Millennials are also loading up on this kind of debt

Businesses offer student loan perks to attract employees

How the New IRS Rules Affect Student Loan Benefits

How This 36-Year-Old Got $50,000 Of Her Student Loans Forgiven

Young adults turn to personal loans for debt, wedding and moving expenses

Feds say they'll forgive your student loan, but almost no one actually benefits

Menendez, Booker, Colleagues Demand Mulvaney Explain Vetting Process of CFPB Political Appointees after Racist and Sexist Blog Post Surfaces

Canceling Student Debt Would Stimulate the Economy—and Voter Turnout

Education Department will miss deadline on rules affecting students in for-profit colleges


Teachers union sues student loan servicer Navient

From the Web: Consumer Litigation Filings, Complaints Increase Across the Board

Report Shows Profile of Borrowers Who are Likely to Default on Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt a Homeownership Barrier for Women and Millennials

Tips from one of the first public servants to get their student loans erased

4 ways parents (and their students) can avoid the college debt trap

CFPB official tries to defuse furor over his ‘provocative’ writings

Ameritech Financial on the Morality of Student Loan Repayment

Colleges Where Pell Grant Recipients Do Best and Worst at Paying Down Their Student Loans

Congressional Candidate Tracy Mitrano J.D. ’95 Advocates for Reduction of Student Loans in Interview With The Sun

Here's what we're reading in September 2018

Ameritech Financial: Can Student Loans Be Recalled? The Department of Education Says Yes

This map shows where people are having the hardest time paying off student loans

National Student Loan Cohort Default Rate Falls

Racial wealth inequality is worsened by student debt, study finds

What's Going On Behind the Scenes Since Court Ruled Against ED?

Goodlatte Statement at Hearing on Bankruptcy Administration Improvement Act

Citi fined over robo-signing in consumer bankruptcy cases

Pay off student loans: 'Shark Tank'-backed app gets a boost from local group

American Credit Scores Hit a Record High

30% of Student Loan Borrowers Fall Behind After Only 6 Years

Student Loan Forgiveness Program Rejects 99% Of Applicants



10 Years Later: How Has America's Consumer Debt Changed Since the Financial Crisis?

Does My Vote Impact Student Loans? These 2018 Candidates Want To Change Higher Ed

New Poll Finds Americans Believe College Is Worth Attending, But Not Necessary To Get Ahead

Scratch Raises $17 Million to Make Loan Payments Less Awful

Judge Rules in Favor of PCAs; ED Permanently Enjoined from Cancelling Debt Collection Solicitation

Betsy DeVos Loses Lawsuit On Student Loan Forgiveness

Why You Might Not Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage or Student Loans Early

The 30 cities where millennials carry the most debt don't include New York or San Francisco

House Committee Approves CFPB Guidance, Data Breach Legislation

Want Public Service Loan Forgiveness? How To Avoid Mistakes -- And Fix Those You've Already Made

The Most Significant Unresolved Legal Issue In Trademark Licensing

The Biggest Bankruptcies in America's History Prove No One Is 'Too Big to Fail'

The Next Financial Calamity IsComing. Here’s What to Watch.

New study shows where millennials have the most debt

Student loans hold the top spot for millennials’ debt across the United States

Americans owe more money than ever, but no, they are not being crushed by debt

CommonBond Offers Student Loan Refinancing to U.S. Immigrants With Work Visas

Justice Scalia’s Contributions to the Development of Bankruptcy Law

CFPB Responds to ABA Concerns Over Records Disclosure Proposal in Final Rule

House Passes Guthrie, Bonamici Student Loan Bill

Student Debt Viewpoints: Congressman Tom Reed

How To Help Your Children Minimize Future Student Loan Debt

Consumer protection bureau faces constitutional challenge in Supreme Court

Ameritech Financial: Study Predicts Rising College Cost and Debt Will Lead to Home Foreclosures

3 Ways Trump May Change Student Loans

What Borrowers Need to Know About Navient Lawsuits

Do you know what your lending customers really want?

10 Education Stories You May Have Missed This Summer

An unforeseen retirement obstacle: A grandchild’s college loans

President Trump Changes Student Loan Death And Disability Discharge Tax Rules

Should you roll your student loans into a mortgage?


How Long Do My Mistakes Stay on My Credit Report?

'90s College Kids Are Middle-Aged And Still Juggling Student Loan Debt

How the Midterms Could Impact Medicaid

IRS ruling on student-debt help could prompt other plans to act

What happens to student loans when borrower dies?

Which Student-Loan Repayment Plan Is Right for You?

Here's what we're reading in August 2018

IRS Ruling Allows Company To Match Employees' Student Loan Payments Into Their 401(k)

How The Trump Administration Is Screwing Over Debt-Saddled Students

Bipartisan push begins in Senate to expand mortgage access for self-employed borrowers

Defaulting on a student loan could cost you your job in these professions

Trump Announces Six More Judicial Nominees

Here's what happens when you miss your credit card payments

If you care about your wallet, you should fear Judge Kavanaugh

Resignation signals Trump administration slow gutting of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

How U.S. Education Has Become 'A Debt Sentence' [Infographic]

Stories Of Student Debt, And The Trouble With Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Kavanaugh’s administrative law opinions should be given due deference 

Student Loan Watchdog Quits, Says Trump Administration 'Turned Its Back' On Borrowers

Timing of student loan watchdog's resignation 'couldn't be worse,' advocates say

The Truth About Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

Death is Not Always the Demise of Student Loan Debt, Advises Ameritech Financial

Why Do College Dropouts Fail To Repay Their Student Loans?

Congressman proposes tax breaks for businesses that help pay student loan debt for employees

The State Lawsuit That Could Set a Precedent for Nationwide Student-Loan Refunds

Trump administration cuts staff at financial markets watchdog: source

Treasury Recommends Sweeping Regulatory Changes for Consumer Financial Services

Military Lending Improvement Act of 2018 Introduced in the U.S. Senate

Sending your kids to college increases the chances you’ll lose your house

More older Americans filing for bankruptcy

Why retirement is breaking the elderly

"The coming storm": Entering retirement broke and bankrupt

Borrower beware: Soon it will be tougher to unload college loan

Don't pick up (or maybe you should): That annoying robocall could be about your student loans

Peer-to-Peer Payments Are Generally Safe, But Consumers Must Be Aware of Risks

6 key Senate races for bankers this fall

Wells Fargo smacked again over financial-crisis acts

McCaskill Bill Prevents Seniors from Being Forced into Poverty in an Attempt to Recoup Student Loan Debt

Here's why 1 in 3 college-age Americans consider payday loans with interest rates of 400%

Wells Fargo fined more than $2 billion for mortgage abuses

Round-Up App Helps Users Pay Off $1M in Student Loans

Helping employees repay student debt: A new perk?

An alarming percentage of divorcees say student loans ended their marriage

FTC Testifies Before House Committees Regarding Ongoing Focus on Payment Processors

To promote financial technology, Trump administration proposes streamlining regulations

Marriages are crumbling under student loan debt

Here's what we're reading in July 2018

Auto problems top annual ranking of US consumer complaints

Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Should banks be worried?

Study Finds Student Debt Crisis Is Hitting These 10 States the Hardest

You have $100,000 in student loans. Should you save for retirement or pay off debt?

New generation of candidates saddled with student debt — and not afraid to talk about it

How to avoid money mistakes in college

Waters to prioritize housing-finance reform if Dems take the House

Charles Koch, network send GOP a message: We're happy to back Democrats who share our policy goals

Durbin: It's time for the Senate to help relieve student loan debt

Student loans: Borrowers could face tighter federal standard for debt forgiveness

What This Navient Lawsuit Means For Your Student Loans: More Q&A

Brett Kavanaugh ruled Consumer Financial Protection Bureau structurally unconstitutional

Judge Rules in Favor of WWR, Against CFPB, in Case of Meaningful Attorney Review

Student debt is crushing dreams for this group

Democrats set to renew debt-free college push

Dodd-Frank is a success story: Progressives, former regulators

New Trump-DeVos Loan Relief Rule Trashes Students’ Rights, Aids Predatory Colleges

U.S. Department of Education Takes Action to Protect Student Borrowers, Hold Higher Education Institutions Accountable for Deceptive Practices

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Brings Banking Panel to Boiling Point

Managing Debt in Retirement Takes Some Planning

How Much Should Parents Borrow for Their Kid's College?

The Cloud Is Transforming Higher Education

I took out student loans and it was the best decision I made — here's why

1 in 3 parents will help their kids pay off student loans 

Opinion Why independent mortgage banks need CFPB reg relief

Here's How To Buy A House When You Have Student Loan Debt

New Bankruptcy Rules Proposed for Student Debtors

How student loans are making some people abandon their dreams 

The Case Against Student Loans: Why Weak Students Should Pay More | Opinion

Here's what we're reading in April 2018

 A Look at Geographic Distribution of Student Debt

Older people increasingly loaded down with personal debt

America's debt load is reaching a tipping point

Poll: Majority of millennials are in debt, hitting pause on major life events 

Consumer advocates launch campaign against 'predatory' payday lending

Is student loan debt the next financial crisis?


Past Headlines...

March 2018

Congress must act before America falls into a student loan debt crisis



February 2018.

America's consumer debt keeps skyrocketing 

Business Insider reports on how consumers have piled on debt since the election. Consumer debt now 45% higher than it was at the economic bust in 2008.

Trump Administration Plans to Defang Consumer Protection Watchdog

NPR reports on how the CFPB has been taken over by those who would rather protect banks than consumers.

How the consumer protection agency is being curtailed by the Trump administration

here’s an agency that’s supposed to be policing, enforcing, being a watchdog over the financial industry, and Mick Mulvaney is now saying, well, we’re going to use this agency to deregulate parts of this industry.

Automatically apply your county expense standards and state income standards to your means test calculation.

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