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LegalConsumer.com has been a source of free bankruptcy information to more than 10 million consumers since 2006, and the Free Means Test Calculator - (40th ed, Nov., 1 2020 Edition  has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers figure out where they stand in relation to the bankruptcy means test, created by the 2005 BAPCPA bankruptcy act.

The content of this website is offered free, as is, and updated as time permits. It's is up to you to contact your local court and confirm and update any information you need. 

In addition to the means test calculator, this site has answers to your questions  about bankruptcy:

And, wherever possible, this information is localized for your state or county, depending on your zip code (See, that's the "by zip code" part... ) A zip code is the only info you ever have to enter to access all this information in the website.

Laws and standards differ in state by state, and even county by county in the case of the means test, and this site attempts, wherever possible, to give you relevant, information and resources tailored to the state and county level. So make sure you have the right zip code in the zip code box above, for the county you're searching for.

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All the info is free, and has been since 2006. Good luck in handling your financial challenges. Hope this information helps. 

How to File

We have a whole section that breaks down what's involved in the process of filing for bankruptcy, with step by step articles that break down the process for you.

Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator

Our means test calculator offers county-specific calculations for the entire eight pages of the current bankruptcy means test forms. 

Bankruptcy Exemptions

Every state has different rules about what property you can keep if you are insolvent. These laws are called "exemption" laws, and make certain property off-limits from bill collectors unless they have a lien on the property.

Bankruptcy Court Info

Bankruptcy happens at the Federal District Court level. Some states just have one Federal Districts, but other states have as may as 4. Once you enter your Zip Code, you'll get information about your local court, with links especially designed for people like you, researching their options without a lawyer.

Free Bankruptcy Forms & Instructions

The list of bankruptcy forms can be daunting. We break it down and point out the most important forms, explain what they're for, and help you understand how they fit into the larger picture of how bankruptcy works.

Oh, and you'll find where to download free federal and local court forms. 

Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me

There's no shame in getting help filing for bankruptcy. But it's important to get a good one, and work with them efficiently.

A good bankruptcy attorney should be able to counsel you on how handle all your different kinds of debts and ask you important questions about your entire financial picture to make sure there are no "gotcha's" to look out for. 

Bankruptcy and the Coronavirus Recession

In light of the economic hardship millions of Americans are facing because pandemic-related changes to our daily lives, many people wonder what bankruptcy might do for them, if it comes to that. The articles here help you sort through the issues involved in thinking about bankruptcy as part of your COVID-19 survival plan.

To get started, enter your zip code or choose your state. 

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

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