What residents need to know about Inheritance Law

What You Need to Know About Inheritance Law In Your State

Here is an overview of how this site works and what articles you'll find most useful. It can be confusing to sort out the process, the taxes, and the issues that arise after someone's death. This site will help.
Updated: 2020-09-14
Who Inherits When Your Spouse or Parent Dies Without a Will in your state?
Does State Collect Estate or Inheritance Tax?

Welcome to the fastest and easiest way to find out about Inheritance Law in your state. If someone you love has recently died, and you've been named as a beneficiary in a Will or a trust, or if you are an heir of someone who died without a Will or a trust, or if you've been named as an executor of a Will or trustee of a living trust, you can use this site to find out what you'll need to do to inherit or settle an estate or trust.

Learn about how probate works, when an estate is small enough to avoid probate altogether, how to manage assets for minors, and how to claim life insurance, retirement benefits, and payable on death accounts.

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