Learn about the 2021 rates for Obamacare in Bernalillo County.

New Mexico Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Enrollment 2020

How To Sign Up for Obamacare in New Mexico

Where to go in New Mexico to get health plans under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and how to get help with the application process.


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To sign up for a health plan under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) you can go directly to the online health insurance marketplace for New Mexico at beWellnm -- or you can get help in person or over the phone.

For 2020 health plans, New Mexico open enrollment ended on December 15, 2019. However, you may still be able to purchase health insurance for this year if you qualify for a special enrollment period. In particular, if you’ve recently lost your job or income due to the COVID-19 crisis or for any other reason, you might qualify for a 60-day special enrollment period that will allow you to sign up for a new health insurance plan. (See What Happens If I Missed the Enrollment Deadline for 2020?)

Where's the New Mexico Health Care Exchange?

The New Mexico insurance exchange can be found at beWellnm. That’s where you will learn about your health coverage options. When you are ready to make a purchase, beWellnm will direct you to the federal marketplace at HealthCare.gov if you are an individual or to the New Mexico SHOP if you are a small employer. If you see a plan you like, you'll be guided through the enrollment process online.

Getting In-Person Help with Enrollment

In New Mexico, if you need help understanding your options for coverage under Obamacare or signing up for a plan, you can get free help from an enrollment assistant or from a licensed health insurance agent or broker.

Enrollment assistants can explain your options, answer your questions, and help you apply for the plan you choose -- but they can’t legally recommend a specific plan for you.

Private insurance agents or brokers can also help you understand your health care coverage options under Obamacare. Unlike government-trained assistants and counselors, they are allowed to suggest the best plan for you.

Find an enrollment assistant. To find local help in New Mexico, see the Find a Counselor page at beWellnm.

Talk to a licensed broker. To directly connect with a New Mexico insurance broker who can help you evaluate insurance plans and choose a plan that's appropriate for your situation, call 800-943-6832. (We receive advertising income from the licensed brokers who offer their services through this telephone number.)

Getting Help by Phone

If you want answers over the phone, call the toll-free number for beWellnm at 855-996-6449. To have a computer chat with a support representative, click "Chat Now" on the beWellnm home page.

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Learn about the 2021 rates for Obamacare in Bernalillo County.


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