What Snowbirds Need to Know About Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act or ACA)

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What if I live in more than one state, or if I move?


Traveling from state to state isn't complicated under Obamacare, but there are a few points to keep in mind.

What if I move to a new state?

If you enroll in a marketplace health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act and later move to a new state, you’ll need to switch to a plan offered by the exchange in that state.

Your move is considered a qualifying life event, meaning that you can sign up for new coverage as soon as you move. You don’t have to wait for the next open enrollment period.

What if I live in more than one state?

You should purchase a plan from the marketplace in the state you consider your primary residence -- where you vote, pay taxes, and so on. But snowbirds need to be sure they choose an appropriate “multistate” plan.

Some multistate plans may be restricted to a certain region – for example, a metropolitan area that straddles state boundaries. Others will be more appropriate for someone who migrates longer distances, spending, say, summers in Alaska and winters in Arizona.

Ask the insurance provider for details, and don’t sign up for a plan until you’re sure it will cover you where and when you need it.

What if I travel frequently?

Traveling shouldn't present any problem under a marketplace insurance plan. Simply sign up for a plan in the state of your primary residence. The plan will cover you in case of emergencies that happen out of state.

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