Indiana has expanded Medicaid coverage. That may make it easier for you to get health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

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Indiana Medicaid Expansion: Can I Use Medicaid to Satisfy the Health Insurance Requirement?

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Indiana Medicaid Expansion: Can I Use Medicaid to Satisfy the Health Insurance Requirement?

One way to satisfy Obamacare’s health insurance requirement is to obtain coverage under Medicaid. If you qualify for Medicaid and enroll in Indiana's Medicaid program, you do not have to sign up for another insurance plan.

Indiana Offers a Limited Version of Medicaid Expansion

The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid eligibility to cover more people who can’t afford health insurance. The U.S. Supreme Court later decided that it was up to individual states to decide whether or not to expand Medicaid.

Indiana has decided to expand its Medicaid program, but it has done so in a way that differs from most states. Beginning February 1, 2015, Indiana will use federal Medicaid funds to expand the existing state health insurance program, Healthy Indiana. Indiana residents who need health coverage and are newly eligible for Medicaid -- those who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty level -- will be able to enroll in the state health plan. For 2017, 138% of poverty level is about $16,643 for an individual or $33,948 for a family of four.

To qualify for the expanded program, low-income Indiana residents with incomes above the federal poverty level will have to pay monthly premiums of 2% of household income -- that's between about $3 and $25 for a single adult without children. Those who don't or can't pay the premiums will be locked out of the Healthy Indiana plan for six months, unless they are considered "medically frail."

An estimated 350,000 low-income Indiana residents will be eligible for the new coverage. To find out whether you qualify, visit Healthy Indiana.

If You Don’t Qualify for Medicaid

If you make more than 138% of the federal poverty level but your income is still low, you can investigate the health insurance plans available to you at You will probably be eligible for cost-saving subsidies based on your income and family size.

For more information, see Ways to Save Money on Obamacare in Indiana.

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