How Much Does Obamacare Cost?

How Much Does Obamacare Cost?


If you currently don't have insurance, either on your own or through your employment, how much will it cost to buy a plan offered under Obamacare? 

The answer depends on:

Which level of coverage you choose. From bronze to platinum, all plans offer the same essential benefits, medical services -- but premiums and out-of-pockets costs vary. And if you are under 30, there's one more option: a “catastrophic” insurance plan that costs even less than a bronze plan.

Whether you qualify for a subsidy. Depending on your income and the size of your family, you may qualify for tax credits or reduced out-of-pocket costs. If you have a very low income, you may be eligible for coverage under Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). For details, see How to Save Money on Obamacare Plans.

Where you live. Even within a state, premiums often vary from region to region.

How old you are. Under Obamacare, you can enroll in a health plan at any age, but your cost will probably depend, in part, on your age.

Whether you smoke. Insurers can charge people who use tobacco up to 50% more in monthly premiums than those who do not. The average additional cost is about 20%. Subsidies can’t be used to cover any portion of the tobacco surcharge.

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