How to Apply for Obama Care (Affordable Care Act or ACA) Using a Paper Application in New York

Applying for Obamacare With a Paper Application

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Applying for Obamacare With a Paper Application

Given all the technical difficulties the state and federal health care exchanges had during their first weeks (sometimes months) of operation, it's not surprising that many people wished for a simple paper form they could use to sign up for health care.

In truth, paper isn't usually faster or more reliable, especially now that the websites are for the most part functioning smoothly. But if for some reason you want to use a paper application to apply for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, you have these options:

  • If your state uses the federal health insurance marketplace -- or  operates its own exchange and provides a downloadable paper form -- you can get the forms right now.
  • In any state, you can call the health insurance exchange customer service center or contact an in-person assister -- such as a navigator, certified application counselor, or certified agent or broker. They will give you a paper application and help you fill it out.

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