Domestic Partners and the Affordable Care Act

Domestic Partners and Obamacare

If you're a registered domestic partner or have entered into a civil union, how you apply for coverage under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) depends on your state’s law.


Updated: 2020-09-28
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If you're a registered domestic partner or have entered into a civil union, you may not be sure how to apply for coverage in the new health insurance marketplace. Should you apply based on your separate income, or include all the income you and your partner make?

The answer depends on which state you live in.

California, Nevada, or Washington. In these states, domestic partners must usually apply using half of the partners’ combined incomes. This is because IRS rules require that domestic partners registered in these community property states report half of their combined community income on their federal taxes each year.

All other states. If you apply for insurance via the state’s health insurance exchange, include only your own separate income. It works this way because domestic partners are not considered married for federal tax purposes. (If you registered and got legally married later, you must apply as a married person and report your combined income.)

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