- Student Loan FAQ - (FAQ)
- Student Loan Basics - (Basics)
- Student Loan Payment Options - (Payments)
- Student Loan Forgiveness and Cancellation - (Forgiveness)
  • Can I Discharge My Student Loans In Bankruptcy?
    Getting rid of student loans in bankruptcy is difficult -- but not always impossible. To succeed, you must convince the court that repaying your student loans would cause you "undue hardship."
  • Can I Get Forgiveness or Cancellation of My Student Loans?
    Under certain circumstances, you can get your student loans wiped out. Your options depend on what kind of loans you have and when you took them out.
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Progams
    Did you work full time in a public service job for at least 10 years? Did you make payments on your direct student loan for that entire time? If so, you may be able to get ALL of your remaining student loan debt cancelled once you've made your 120th qualifying payment.
- Student Loan Default - (Default)
- Student Loan Problems - (Problems)
  • How To Get Help With Student Loan Problems
    If you run into hassles with your student loan -- lost payments, harassment from bill collectors, or other serious annoyances -- here are some ways to deal with them.
  • Avoiding Student Loan Scams And Pitfalls
    Don't get taken in by scammers out to profit from borrowers who don't know how the student loan system works.
  • Unfair Student Loan Collection Practices
    When you default on a student loan, you may be subject to a wide range of collection tactics -- from phone calls and letters to the loss of your tax refund or some of your wages. Know what's legal and what's not.
  • Student Loan Lawsuits
    If you find yourself facing a student loan lawsuit, don't panic -- but don't ignore it, either. Here are a few things you should do.
- Getting Help With Student Your Student Loan - (Help)
  • Tips For Finding And Working With Your Loan Servicer
    To make changes or resolve problems with a student loan, you must work with the loan "servicer." Sometimes, though, it's difficult to know who the servicer is. Here are tips on finding that information and getting results.

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