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What Do I Have to Do to Keep Receiving Unemployment Benefits in Georgia?

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What Do I Have to Do to Keep Receiving Unemployment Benefits in Georgia?

After your application for unemployment insurance benefits is approved by the Georgia Department of Labor, you can’t just sit back and collect benefits—you have to do certain things to stay eligible. After your initial claim for unemployment benefits is approved in Georgia. You have to:

  • be unemployed or underemployed (generally, earning close to what you receive in weekly benefits)
  • be able and available to work
  • be actively looking for work, and
  • file to continue to receive benefits.

Unemployed Or Underemployed

You have to be unemployed or earning significantly less than you used to (also called being “underemployed”) to continue to receive unemployment benefits. You have to report any earnings from work to the Georgia Department of Labor. In some states, you will still be entitled unemployment benefits if you earn less than your weekly benefit amount; about half the states will allow you to continue receiving benefits even if you earn a bit more than your weekly benefit amount. You will be allowed to set aside some of what you earn (the amount varies from state to state). The rest will be subtracted from your usual weekly benefit amount, and you will receive the difference. For more information about receiving partial unemployment benefits, see How Much Will I Collect in Unemployment Benefits in Georgia?

Able and Available To Work

You have to be able to work and available for jobs that you can do in order to collect unemployment in Georgia. Some states allow people who become disabled or ill after applying for unemployment benefits to continue to receive benefits. The Georgia Department of Labor has a handbook for workers called Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook. Check this handbook to find out how Georgia defines “able” to work for unemployment benefits purposes. The handbook has information on what you need to do to continue collecting unemployment benefits.

You also must be available to accept suitable work. In some states, you only have to be available to work in the same locality that you earned your base period wages. (More information about availability for suitable work in Georgia can be found in Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook.

If a job is not suitable, you can reject it and still collect unemployment benefits. Whether a job is suitable depends on whether or not your prior training, physical fitness, experience, and prior earnings level make you a good fit. And, if the job would create a risk to your health or safety, or if it is located far from where you live, you may be able to reject it as unsuitable. Check Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook for more information about what is considered a suitable job in Georgia.

Actively Looking for Work

You have to actively look for work to receive unemployment benefits in Georgia. Scanning the want ads while sipping your morning coffee is not enough. You have to check job listings, send in applications, and contact hiring employers. Some states require that you make a certain number of job contacts per week, although about half the states require just one per week. Georgia Department of Labor's Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook can tell you how many job contacts you have to make every week in order to keep collecting benefits.

While receiving unemployment benefits in Georgia, you should keep a log of the jobs you apply for, job openings that you respond to, and other efforts you make to find work. The Georgia Department of Labor may ask to review that log while you are receiving benefits. Some states even require that you report your job contacts on a weekly basis. Again, Georgia Department of Labor's Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook will tell you what you need to do.

Filing To Continue To Receive Benefits

You have to file with Georgia Department of Labor to receive weekly benefits. Check the Georgia agency website for instructions on filing for weekly benefits. You can find more information in Georgia Department of Labor's Unemployment Insurance: Claimant Handbook. This resource has information about what you need to do to keep receiving unemployment benefits in Georgia, including how to report job search efforts and file for weekly benefits.

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