About Unemployment Benefits By Zip Code

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About Unemployment Benefits By Zip Code

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About Unemployment Benefits By Zip Code

Here at Legal Consumer, we want to help people find answers to everyday legal questions about important topics like bankruptcy, Obamacare, inheritance, and more. 

Now, we’ve turned our attention to employment law. Because, while almost everyone has (or has had) a job, it can be surprisingly tough to get good, high-quality local information about workplace rights. 

We'll be adding new topics over time, but we’ve started with unemployment benefits. If you’ve recently lost your job, unemployment benefits can be a real lifesaver. They replace some of your income, temporarily, while you look for a new job. But not everyone qualifies for benefits, and the amount and duration of benefits can vary a lot from state to state. 

On this website, when you choose your state or enter your zip code, you will quickly learn:

  • who is eligible for unemployment benefits
  • how to apply for unemployment in your state
  • how much you can expect to receive each week
  • what to do if your claim for benefits is denied
  • and more.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the information, forms, and resources you need to get the unemployment benefits you’re entitled to and move on with your job search. 

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