Eligibility Rules for Collecting Unemployment in State

Am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

To qualify for unemployment benefits in State, you must meet a minimum earnings requirement and you must be unemployed through no fault of your own.
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Updated: 2021-03-11
How Do I Apply for Unemployment Benefits in ?
What You Need to Know About Unemployment Benefits in State

Not everyone who is out of work qualifies for unemployment compensation. Benefits are intended only for those who are temporarily out of work, through no fault of their own. To be eligible, you'll need to meet two basic requirements:

  • You must have earned a minimum amount, worked a minimum amount of time, or both before you became unemployed. 
  • You must not be at fault in losing or leaving your job. 

Each state sets its own earnings requirements and has its own rules on eligibility for those who quit their jobs or were fired for misconduct. To find out your state's rules, select it from the list below. 

Jurisdictional relevance: There are versions of this article for each State.

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