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Are Shifts or Work Hours Regulated in New York?

Find out if New York law regulates your work hours.
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Last Reviewed: Wed, Jun 24, 2020

Work hours may be regulated either by state or federal law. Regulation includes laws requiring employers to pay employees premium pay for overtime hours, or to give employees rest and/or meal breaks after a certain number of hours of work. In those states that do not regulate work hours, the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the work hours standards for employees in that state.

Does New York Require My Employer to Pay Me Overtime?

The FLSA regulates the maximum hours certain employees may work without extra, or overtime, pay. Some states have even more generous overtime laws for employees working overtime hours. If you are eligible, New York law requires your employer to pay you overtime. For more information about whether you are eligible for overtime pay, see Am I Entitled to Overtime Pay in New York?

Does New York Law Require My Employer to Give Me Breaks?

Federal law does not require employers to give employees meal or rest breaks. While the FLSA does not require employers to give employees breaks, it does require employers to pay for breaks that the employers opt to give to employees. And, some states require that employers give eligible employees breaks. For more information on federal and New York law regarding work breaks, see Does My New York Employer Have to Give Me Breaks From Work?

Does New York Set a Maximum Number of Work Hours?

The FLSA does not limit the number of hours per day or days per week an employer can require a worker age 16 or older to work. Most states also do not limit work hours. Check the New York State Department of Labor for more information.


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Current Minimum Wage in New York
Your Final Paycheck Rights in New York
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