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Carpinteria, California Minimum Wage Info

The Minimum Wage in Carpinteria, California

The minimum wage in California is $10 an hour. Because this is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, employees in California must be paid at least $10 an hour. 

A handful of local governments in California have passed ordinances establishing a higher minimum wage. If you work in one of these cities or counties, you are entitled to earn the higher local minimum wage amount:

  • Berkeley: $11
  • Emeryville: $14.44
  • Los Angeles: $10
  • Los Angeles County: $10
  • Mountain View: $11
  • Oakland: $12.55
  • Palo Alto: $11
  • Richmond: $11.52
  • San Francisco: $12.25
  • San Jose: $10.30
  • Santa Clara: $11
  • Santa Monica: $10
  • Sunnyvale: $10.30

In some localities, the minimum wage is slightly lower for smaller employers and employers who contribute a certain amount to employee benefits. Contact your city or county government office to learn the details of your local minimum wage law. 

If You Earn Tips in California

Some states allow employers to pay tipped employees a lower minimum hourly wage; others don't. 

If you earn tips, your employer may not pay you a lower minimum wage. 

Overtime Rules in California

Some states follow the federal overtime standard, and some have their own rules. 

If you work more than eight hours in a workday or more than 40 hours in a workweek, your employer must pay you 1-1/2 times your regular hourly wage for each overtime hour you work under California overtime rules, unless you are exempt. And, your employer must pay you double your regular hourly wage for all hours you work over 12 hours in any workday and for all hours you work in excess of eight hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek.

California Agency That Enforces Wage and Hour Laws

If you're having questions about overtime, minimum wages, tips, breaks, or other unpaid wage issues, contact the 

California Department of Industrial Relations


Phone: (510) 285-2118

Filing a Wage Claim in California

Most states have an administrative procedure employees can use to file a wage claim against their employer. Typically, you must file a form with the state agency, which will contact your employer for a response. The agency may hold a hearing, at which you can present evidence that you were underpaid. If you win your claim, the agency may order your employer to pay what it owes you. 

Not every state has a wage claim procedure. 

Find out about the wage claim process in California (if any).

More Information About Wage and Hour Laws in California

Most states require employers to post a notice about overtime, minimum wage, and other wage and hour laws.

Get a copy of California's wage and hour poster



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