Can I Get Medicaid Under Obamacare (Obama Care or Affordable Care Act) in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has not yet expanded Medicaid. That may make it more difficult for you to get cost-saving benefits under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
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Medicaid Expansion: Can I Use Medicaid to Satisfy the Health Insurance Requirement in Wisconsin?


One way to satisfy the Obamacare requirement that you have health insurance is to obtain coverage under Medicaid. If you qualify for Medicaid and enroll in Wisconsin's Medicaid program, you do not have to sign up for another insurance plan.

Wisconsin Has Not Expanded Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid eligibility to cover more people who can’t afford health insurance. The U.S. Supreme Court later decided that it was up to individual states to decide whether or not to expand Medicaid.

Wisconsin rejected federal funding to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, but the state is unique in that its Medicaid program -- called BadgerCare -- covers all state residents with incomes that do not exceed 100% of the federal poverty level. (In 2018, that's $12,140 for an individual or $25,100 for a family of four.) That makes Wisconsin the only non-Medicaid-expansion state that does not have a coverage gap. If you are a low-income Wisconsin resident, you should either qualify for BadgerCare or be eligible for subsidies to help you purchase health insurance at $EXCHANGE.

Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

To find out whether you are eligible for BadgerCare, you can review the Wisconsin health care enrollment and benefits guide or visit the BadgerCare website. You can also find out whether you qualify when you apply for health insurance at $EXCHANGE

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