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Bankruptcy By ZipCode

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50-State Bankruptcy Exemption Laws

The state bankruptcy exemptions (also known as asset protection laws) show you what assets your state lets you keep if you file for bankruptcy.



Free Means Test Calculator

Our free bankruptcy means test calculator applies local income and expense deduction standards for your state, county and metropolitan area to help you determine whether you are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

New Means Test Income & Expense Standards nationwide effective May 1, 2018.

Free Bankruptcy Forms

Check out the free downloadable bankruptcy forms, where you can get the forms that you (or your lawyer) will need if you decide to file.


How to File Bankruptcy

Learn how to file for bankruptcy with an overview of the steps involved.

Bankruptcy Court Information

The local bankruptcy court page provides maps and information about your local federal district bankruptcy court and how to find the court's local rules.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Your Zip Code

Need help? The local bankruptcy services page uses your zip code to connect you with local credit counselors, lawyers and others who can help you if want advice or help with the filing process.

Bankruptcy Links

The topic of bankruptcy is larger than this website. When we find good stuff, we link to it: Links - News - Blogs

Overtime & Minimum LawByZipCode

Overtime and Minimum Wage Law by ZipCode

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...or Select your State

What Are My Rights to Pay For Work?

Find out what your state's rules are for wage payment amounts, timing, and final pay.

State and Local Overtime Laws

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the minimum standards for overtime pay. Many states have their own overtime pay laws but if those laws are less protective of employees than the FLSA, the FLSA overtime standards apply in the state.

What Can I Do If I Am Owed Pay?

If your employer has not paid you the full minimum wage, has not paid you overtime you earned, has not paid you for every hour worked, or has illegally kept your tips (among other things), you may have a legal claim for wage theft.

Inheritance LawByZipCode

Inheritance Law by ZipCode

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Does Your State Charge An Inheritance Tax?

Find out whether your state charges an inheritance tax and whether or not your estate will have to pay federal estate tax.

Will You Have to Go Through Probate?

Find out whether or not an estate needs to go through probate before it can be distributed and, if so, what the process is in your state.

Can I Use a Small Estates Affidavit?

If your estate falls below a certain threshold, you can collect and distribute property without having to go through probate at all. Find out what your state's small estate threshold is and how the procedure works.

How to Claim an Inherited IRA?

If you are the named beneficiary of an IRA of someone who has died, find out how to claim your inherited IRA and how to manage it tax efficiently.

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