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Minnesota Inheritance Law & Probate Procedure

Minnesota Wage & Hour Law

  • Minnesota Minimum Wage:  
    • The minimum wage in Minnesota is $10.85 an hour; for employers with annual sales volume of less than $500,000, the state minimum wage is $8.85 an hour. Because both of these rates are higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, employees in Minnesota must be paid at least $10.85 or $8.85 an hour, depending on their employer's sales. 

      Washington County Minimum Wage

      The minimum wage in Washington County is currently $10.85 an hour, the state minimum wage. However, cities and counties in Minnesota are free to adopt their own higher local minimum wage, and dozens of local governments across the country have done so. To find out whether Washington County has passed its own minimum wage law since we last updated, visit the county’s website at

      Saint Paul Minimum Wage

      The current minimum wage in Saint Paul is $15.57 an hour for those who work for an employer with more than 10,000 employees; $15 an hour for those who work for an employer with 101 to 10,000 employees; $13 for those who work for an employer with 6 to 100 employees; and $11.50 for those who work for the smallest businesses (those with five or fewer employees).

  • Overtime Pay: Every state has rules about weekly maximum hours and overtime. Learn about the overtime laws in Minnesota and whether they apply to you.
  • Wage Claims: If you're being unlawfully underpaid, you need to learn how to file a "Wage Claim" in Minnesota. 
  • Tips : Every state has special pay rates for tipped workers. Find out the rules for tipped workers in Minnesota.
    • The tipped minimum wage in Minnesota is the same as the regular minimum wage: $10.85 an hour. Tips don't count against the employer's obligation to pay the minimum wage. 

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Minnesota Unemployment Benefits

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