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How to File for Chapter 7 BankruptcyHow to File For Bakruptcy helps you find local information and services to help you file for bankruptcy.

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How to File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Nolo, 14th ed, 2007)

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, $19.99

  • Designed to be "your legal companion" as you go through the bankruptcy process under the new laws.
  • Takes you through the process of filing and explains the impact of the new bankruptcy laws.
  • Step-by-step instructions cover the nuts and bolts of how to prepare and file each form, and alert you to situations that require a lawyer.

In Paperback and eBook (Adobe Reader)
Pub. Date: Apr 2007
Edition: 14th
Pages: 544 pp
ISBN: 9781413306279
Forms: 38 forms

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Press Reviews

"Exceptionally clear."
The New York Times
"How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy advises on everything from how to file court papers to how to respond to threats from creditors.... A do-it-yourself bankruptcy book for people who can’t afford expensive lawyers."
"An in-depth guide to filing under Chapter 7, including state-by-state and federal exemptions as well as forms for do-it-yourself filers."
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine
"Can help you decide if bankruptcy is the right option for you."
Detroit News
"A valuable, easy-to-understand workbook."
Los Angeles Times
"Includes clear instructions on when and how to fill out all the necessary forms, which assets you may legally keep, even advice on whether your case is complicated enough to make it worth your while to hire a lawyer."
"The best [bankruptcy books] I know are published by Nolo."
Harry S. Gross, host of
“Speaking of Your Money”
"Covers all the recent changes to the bankruptcy law, and shows you how to get through the entire process with the least damage."
Accounting Today

Customer Review

"I bit the bullet, and purchased Nolo's How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I represented myself in court and I was granted a discharge of all debts five months later."
Danielle A.,
Richmond, VA

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:
Keep Your Property & Repay Your Debts Over Time
(9th ed, 2008)

How to File For Bakruptcy
Are you behind on your mortgage, taxes or other bills? Are creditors threatening foreclosure or repossession? Consider Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can provide you an affordable repayment plan -- and let you keep your house, car and other property

In Paperback and eBook (Adobe Reader)
Pub. Date: May 2008
Edition: 9th
Pages: 496 pp
ISBN: 9781413308556
Forms: 29 forms

List Price: 39.99
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Nolo (publisher) :: Powell's :: Amazon

Press Reviews

"In Nolo’s usual thorough fashion, here is a guide to an alternative to the typical Chapter 7 Bankruptcy."
Orange County Register
"An excellent book that can guide you through the [Chapter 13] process."
Forbes Magazine
"Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will save you a fortune in attorney fees and confusion."
The Midwest Book Review
"This is the best book going if you choose to file alone or if you want background on the Chapter 13 process."
Attorney Gary Klein,
co-author of Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice
"An excellent resource..."
Consumers Digest
"Contains many tear-out forms, federal and state exemptions charts, and the most recent legal documents and instructions on how to fill them out. "
Reference & Research Book News

The following books give you a good overview of how bankruptcy fits in the with other debt relief options, and helps you figure out how bankruptcy could help your particular debt problems.

The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work For You? (New Bankruptcy)

The new bankruptcyby Attorney Stephen Elias. This book discusses, in plain-English the practical implications of the bankruptcy law changes that took effect in October 2005. The book explains how the new law is not as bad as you may have thought. Most people in financial straits can still gain much from filing. But there is more paperwork and more stringent rules than under the old law.

Find out what's good about the new law, what's bad, and how the new rules may affect you.

In Paperback and eBook (Adobe Reader)
Pub. Date: May 2007
Edition: 2nd
Pages: 368 pp
ISBN: 9781413306330
Forms: 22 forms

Buy this Book: Nolo (publisher's site) :: Powell's :: Amazon

Press Reviews

"Authoritative, comprehensive and packed with helpful advice and useful information, including state-specific details."
Eric Tyson, best-selling author of
Personal Finance for Dummies
and Mind Over Money
"With last year's change in the bankruptcy laws creating unprecedented confusion in the field, it's important to know whether it remains a viable option, and this book will offer both explanations and reassurances..."
Accounting Today



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