Weekly Unemployment Benefit Limits in Utah

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Current Minimum and Maximum Benefit Amounts in Utah

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Current Minimum and Maximum Benefit Amounts in Utah

In Utah, the minimum benefit is $26 per week, and the maximum benefit is $496 per week. To make sure these amounts are still current when you apply for benefits, contact the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Each state determines how much it will pay in unemployment benefits. Generally, the weekly benefit amount is some fraction or percentage of your earnings in the base period or your highest paid quarter of the base period. 

To calculate your weekly benefit amount in Utah, divide your wages from the highest quarter of the base period by 26, then subtract $5.

Each state also sets a minimum and maximum weekly benefit amount. You may not receive less than the minimum, nor more than the maximum, no matter what the state's formula for calculating benefits would otherwise dictate. These amounts are often based on a number that changes from time to time, such as the state's minimum wage or the state's average wage. 


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