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Where Is the Unemployment Office in Casa Grande, Arizona?

Do you need to file for unemployment benefits in Pinal County, Arizona? The Arizona Department of Economic Security administers unemployment benefits in Arizona.

If you haven’t applied for unemployment benefits recently (or ever), you might think you have to go into the local unemployment office and file your claim in person. These days, however, it’s much easier – and sometimes, required – to file your claim online, as explained below. 

Contacting the Unemployment Office in Pinal County

You may want to contact your local unemployment office to check on your claim, speak to a representative, or otherwise manage your unemployment benefits application. 

The main phone number for the Arizona Department of Economic Security is 877-600-2722 .

To reach your local unemployment office in Arizona by phone, use the following numbers: 

Phoenix area: 602-364-2722

Tuscon area: 520-791-2722

All other areas: 877-600-2722

To find an Arizona Department of Employment Security office near you, use the DES Office Locator. 

Finding Your Local Job Center

Local job centers -- sometimes called One-Stop Career Centers or American Job Centers --can help you with cover letters, resumes, and job search efforts. You may be required to register with a job center as part of your ongoing obligation to look for work while collecting benefits. 

Job centers in Pinal County, Arizona include:

source: U.S. Department of Labor

CASA GRANDE: Pinal County Comprehensive One-Stop

Phone: 520-374-3058


Veterans Rep: Jason Robert, Phone: 520-374-3030, Email:



1015 East Florence Blvd
Suite A100
Casa Grande, AZ 85122



SACATON: Gila River Indian Community

Phone: 520-563-3387/88


Veterans Rep: Andy Miritello, Phone: 480-963-0902, Email:


192 South Skill Center Road
Suite 208; PO Box 97
Sacaton, AZ 85147



How to Collect Unemployment Benefits in Pinal County, Arizona

You can file for unemployment benefits in Pinal County, Arizona or otherwise manage your unemployment benefits application at the website of the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

For more information on how to contact your local office and file an application for benefits, see How Do I Apply for Benefits in Arizona? 

Make sure you’re prepared when you call the office or begin your online application for benefits by reading Checklist: Information You’ll Need to File for Unemployment.

To find out whether you meet the eligibility requirements to collect unemployment benefits in Pinal County, Arizona, see Who Is Eligible for Unemployment Benefits in Arizona? 

To calculate your weekly benefit amount, see How Much Will I Collect in Unemployment Benefits in Arizona? 


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