Minimum Wage in DuPage County, Illinois

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Clarendon Hills, IL Minimum Wage and Wage Claims

What Is the Minimum Wage in Clarendon Hills, IL?

You are entitled to the highest minimum wage that applies where you work, whether set by your city, county, or state government. (Most cities and counties don’t have their own minimum wage laws.)

DuPage County Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in DuPage County is $14 an hour, the state minimum wage. However, cities and counties in Illinois are free to adopt their own higher minimum wage, and dozens of cities and counties across the country have done so. To find out whether DuPage County has passed its own minimum wage law since we last updated, visit

Illinois Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Illinois is $14 an hour. Because this is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, employees in Illinois must be paid at least $14 an hour.  

Learn more about the minimum wage law in Illinois at

What Is the Tipped Minimum Wage in Clarendon Hills, IL?

Some states and local governments allow employers to pay tipped employees a lower minimum hourly wage; others don't. 

Illinois Tipped Minimum Wage

In Illinois, your employer may pay you a minimum wage of no less than $8.40 an hour, as long as you earn enough in tips to bring your total hourly pay up to the full minimum wage, $14 an hour. If you don’t earn enough in tips to bring your compensation to the full minimum wage, your employer must make up the difference.


Who Enforces Clarendon Hills, IL Minimum Wage Laws?

Illinois Enforcement Agency

If you have questions about Illinois's minimum wage, contact the

Illinois Department of Labor


Phone: 312-793-2800

Find the nearest office of the Illinois Department of Labor at


How to File a Wage Claim in Clarendon Hills, IL

If you were not paid the minimum wage in Clarendon Hills, IL, you may have the right to file a wage claim or complaint with a government agency. Be sure to look at the wage claim materials (below) for the agency that enforces the law you believe was violated, whether city, county, or state. 

All jurisdictions impose a time limit on how far back you may claim unpaid wages, so it's important to file your claim quickly. There may be other restrictions on the claims you may file, such as dollar-amount limits or limits on the agency’s ability to force employers to comply with the law. You may be required to ask your employer to pay you correctly before you file a claim. And, you almost always have the option to go straight to court and file a lawsuit instead of filing a wage claim with a government agency. For these reasons, it often makes sense to talk to an experienced wage and hour lawyer to make sure you know all of your options, understand the strength of your claims, and decide how to proceed.

Filing a Wage Claim with the Illinois Department of Labor

The Illinois Department of Labor has posted an information page with links to its wage claim form on its website. 


Get Help With Clarendon Hills, IL Wage Claims and Lawsuits

If you are considering filing a wage claim or lawsuit, you may want to speak to a local wage and hour attorney. The resources below can help you find a lawyer near you.

Clarendon Hills, IL Free or Low-Cost Legal Assistance

Legal aid offices provide free legal assistance to low-income people. Typically, you must qualify for legal aid based on your income. Visit Illinois Legal Aid Online to find local resources and legal aid offices.

Some law schools have free legal clinics that provide assistance with specific problems, including wage and hour issues and other employment matters. Find a list of law schools offering legal clinics on a variety of issues at the American Bar Association Center for Pro Bono.


Clarendon Hills, IL Lawyer Directories

Lawyer Referral Services in Illinois. Check with the Illinois State Bar Association for information on lawyer referral services in Clarendon Hills, IL. Lawyer referral services match people with attorneys who specialize in particular legal fields, such as wage and hour law.

NELA’s “Find-A-Lawyer” Service. Search the National Employment Lawyer’s Association’s membership to find Clarendon Hills, IL lawyers who specialize in wage and hour claims and other employment issues.